McDonalds Coffee

McDonalds Coffee

Paying over $4 million in punitive damages alone over its globally acclaimed coffee in 1994, was more of a publicity stunt for McDonald's rather than a conventional courtroom episode.

In recent rankings, McDonald's™ coffee proved to be a far better contender than Starbucks, with 6% more sales in java than the once affluent coffee brewer.

Is it the Beans or the Price?

McDonalds coffee is not only the least expensive cup around, but also one to cherish, and with over a million cups sold per day, and brewing through over 12,000 venues in the United States alone, the blend speaks for itself. Like its diverse menu, McDonalds coffee is sourced from a number of geographical locations and vendors to include Green Mountains™, S&D™, Distant Islands™ and the more acclaimed Gavina™. Founded in 1927, S&D has been supplying premium roast to the food industry for over 40 years, and with McDonalds being their prime customer, shows no signs of inferiority. Privately controlled by the Davis family, S&D was awarded supplier of the year by McDonald’s, and accounts for a number of exclusive selections.

Recently added to A–List of premium coffee resources, Distant Lands not only garners its coffee roast from its own farms in Latin America, but also has plants in Seattle and Texas. This is the sole characteristic about Distant Lands that appealed to the fast food giant as consumers prefer to sip on a homebrew rather than a commercially produced beverage. The coffee beans from Distant Lands are not exclusive to McDonald’s, but can also be savored at Panera Bread and Safeway supermarkets.

Governed by sustainability and a green alliance, Gavina created the first coffee blend 25 years ago for McDonald’s, and unlike the above vendors, does more than just harvest coffee beans. With an established state of the art plant in Southern California, Gavina trains employees of McDonald’s and other coffee retailers the art of brewing the perfect cup, and is always introducing innovative concepts. While Gavina is not really optimistic about revealing their primary sources of their roasts, their website indicates that they are acquired from 45 different countries, and account for 30% of McDonald’s sales or simply put, 400 millions cups per year. Their other commercial clients include Costco and 7-Eleven, which are both prominent coffee retailers on their own.

McDonald’s claims that their roasts are composed of 100% Arabica beans, which not only makes them eco-conscious, but also ensures their list of coffee loyalists stays healthy.

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