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Dandelion Coffee is actually not exactly a coffee. It is a substitute for coffee. In actuality it is more like a tea rather than a coffee, which is why it is considered a coffee substitute and not an actual coffee. It is prepared using the roots from the dandelion plant. This beverage is very similar to coffee in terms of flavor, taste, and aroma; therefore it is called a coffee substitute rather than a tea by many people.

But the reality is this is an herbal tea that tastes really good and is beneficial for the health. Initially, the method preparing the tea was suggested by Susanna Moodie, who lived in Canada. The dandelion roots were considered one of the cheapest sources for making coffee, in the year 1919. The plant is considered to belong to the edible variety, but only the roots are used for making the Dandelion Coffee Substitute.

During harvesting, there can be some problems. Some of the dandelion like roots will actually belong to plants like Hawks beard or Catsear. For those who are collecting these roots, they need to know the difference between the actual dandelion roots and the other roots. What is the difference between the original dandelions and the other plants? The actual ones will have leaves that are deep toothed and have a rosette of leaves. The taproots will grow to a great depth and with a large diameter.

The Dandelion Coffee has so many health benefits. When you start consuming this coffee, even for only once a day, you might start finding relief from many kinds of liver related problems. A tonic is also made using these roots. This tonic is used as a form of laxative. It is very easy to prepare. Once the roots are removed from the plant, it is allowed to dry. After drying, it is finely chopped and then roasted. Then the roasted variety is finely ground. Then these granules are boiled in water and the coffee is served hot.

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