Coffee Diet

Trim Pounds Fast with the Coffee Diet

Balancing a modest amount of caffeinated coffee with a healthy diet and exercise has been shown in research studies to contribute to weight loss. The caffeine in coffee gives your metabolism a temporary boost, helping you burn an additional 100 or so calories per day. However, there are a couple of caveats to prevent weight gain when you work coffee into your daily routine.

First of all, stay away from the coffee confections promoted by your favorite café. A mocha latte or a caramel macchiato can carry 500 calories or more. No amount of caffeine will offset the diet derailing impact of heavily sweetened gourmet coffee beverages. If you aren’t a fan of black coffee, add only skim milk or non-fat creamer, and stick to natural, low calorie sweeteners like stevia and agave nectar.

Second, guard against the urge to replace the calories you burn with snacking or extra desserts. Fruits and veggies are great for your health and your waistline – an excellent alternative to pairing your coffee with baked goods and sweets.

Third, bear in mind that the metabolism boost and the appetite suppressant effects of the caffeine in coffee are temporary. Two to four cups a day, spread out from morning to late afternoon, will give you consistent benefits while avoiding a roller coaster of highs and lows.

Fourth, don’t substitute high coffee intake for high-quality, restorative sleep. Losing out on rest has been shown to cause weight gain – not to mention a reduction in concentration, greater irritability, and increased susceptibility to illness.

Finally, remember that weight loss with the coffee diet is only a temporary measure. Before long, your body is likely to develop a tolerance for the chemical, so this is best for slight slimming before a big event. Trust a well balanced diet and physical activity for significant, reliable long-term results.

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