Coffee and Health Issues

Regrettably, one of the many Coffee and Health issues are the health risks to people in some countries and how it affects their ability to drink it safely. Doctors and health care officials have been taught that it is an unhealthy beverage to drink.

These teachings have been based on 40+ year old research methods which have been shown by current research to be incorrect. But, since the doctors are not current on these new facts, they convey the inaccurate picture of coffee as being unhealthy. In fact, current studies have proven that drinking in moderation can be good for your health.

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  • With the help of addiction recovery programs. drug abusers who have just finished treatment are given a chance to transition to a new life without drugs.

    In reality it is more than caffeine and yellow teeth. With the chemical make up of coffee, coffee and health studies have shown new and very and beneficial properties for concerning health issues.

    One of the discoveries in coffee and health studies is the effect in the chemical make up of the dissolvement of Chlorogenic Acid, a property in the chemical make up of coffee. It has been found that Chlorogenic Acid is a strong antioxidant which helps in the reduction of oxidative tissue stress and some anti-inflammatory issues.

    Coffee and Health Studies have also found that coffee drinking can help prevent possible drug addictions and may act as an anti-depressant. An interesting issue is how consumption affects brain functions. It may coincide with anti-drug addiction properties.

    It has chem-protective properties that can provide defense against Hepatitis C, Gallstones, Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease.

    Coffee and Health studies have also shown coffee consumption to halt the development of Type 2 Diabetes in the later years of adulthood with a modest amount of consumption on a daily basis. When a person is having an asthma attack and they do not have an inhaler available, the next best thing would be drinking a cup of coffee.

    Side Effects from the Caffeine Content:

  • Helps Develop Creative Thoughts
  • Better Decision Making
  • Short and Long Term Memory Improvement
  • Increase Endurance during Physical Activities
  • Halt the risk of Type 2 Diabetes in later years of Adulthood

    In coffee and health research of around 126,000 men and women, it was discovered that if people consumed more pure coffee it would reduce the chances of people developing Blood Sugar Disease compared to people who didn't consume any or don't drink but small amounts of this beverage.

    In a coffee and health study of men and consumption, men who drank up to 5 cups a day lowered their chances contracting type 2 diabetes. The health benefits for women were somewhat less, but still beneficial.

    Previous studies showed the average American coffee drinker drank about three cups a day. Research done by Harvard University combined all previous studies to come up with a new average, namely 1 to 2 cups a day.

    Even though these coffee and health studies show that there is Even though these coffee and health studies show that there is a reduction in the risk of type 2 Diabetes with consumption, researcher's don't recommend increasing your consumption to try to decrease or prevent the chances of developing diabetes.

    More recent research has shown that consumption leads to healthier blood sugar levels. A study of Swedish women showed that drinking at least 2 cups daily were less at risk for diabetes than women who drank none or less than 2 cups daily.

    However, researchers have been unable to determine which chemical compound of the hundreds found in coffee actually helped to reduce the risk of diabetes. Consumption reduced the risk for diabetes despite other factors involved such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and being involved in other unhealthy lifestyles.

    More to that first cup

    Research has found that your first cup in the day could shield you against colon cancer.

    In a study by German researchers on an enzyme called Methylpyridinium it was discovered to prevent or protect against colon cancer. Using animals to test this highly potent antioxidant researchers found that it excites production of Phase ll Enzyme's which are believed to protect against colon cancer palpitation's.

    This is according to a recent magazine article about the relationship between coffee and health. Methylpyridinium is an anti-cancer compound that is in coffee which has for years been thought to protect against Colon Cancer and now has been identified as doing just that.

    A professor at the University of Munster has said that until human studies are done we won't know the total effects of it on colon cancer development.

    He also noted that in comparison to medium roast coffee, espresso has 2 to 3 times the amount of cancer fighting agents. Even instant has the same anti-cancer compounds found in caffeinated and decaffeinated.

    Coffee enemas detoxify the liver, as well as cleanse the colon. Some people claim that they provide immediate relief to toxicity symptoms, such as congestion, indigestion, pain and headaches.

    There are even some small studies on coffee and health that suggest that in enema form it can aid in the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

    At the very end of the colon, before reaching the rectum, is an "S" shaped segment called the sigmoid colon. There is a special circulatory system between this portion of the colon and the liver. This is because stool at this point in the colon contains putrefied material and needs to be handled carefully in order to avoid toxicity leaking into the bloodstream.

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