Coffee and High Blood Pressure

Coffee and High Blood Pressure – Are You at Risk?

Because coffee and tea are the most popular beverages in the world, by some reports even beating out water, many researchers, nutritionists, and scientists have studied the impact of caffeine on the human body, as coffee, tea, and caffeine often go hand in hand.

Studies show that even when you have normal blood pressure, the caffeine in your coffee can cause it to spike considerably. Scientists have been unable to determine exactly why this happens, though some theories suggest that the chemical disrupts a hormone critical in keeping your arteries open. This constriction of blood vessels is a result of the same physical reaction that helps you wake up, stay alert, and focus.

Others suspect that caffeine affects the adrenal glands, making them release a burst of adrenaline that is related to increases in blood pressure. The important point to note is that in most cases, those who engage in regular use of caffeinated coffee usually eventually develop tolerance that offsets the effects on blood pressure. Also interesting is the fact that caffeine actually causes increased kidney function, which in turn results in rapid elimination of the chemical from your bloodstream.

A particularly well-reported study watched the impact of caffeine on 85,000 women over the course of ten years. Regardless of the amount of coffee these women drank every day, there was no link to an increase in hypertension. Based on this information, the Joint National Committee on Hypertension has been comfortable stating that they are not aware any evidence that indicates a correlation between drinking caffeinated beverages / coffee and high blood pressure.

For the average coffee drinker, there is generally no long-term blood pressure increase, however your physician is the best source for a recommendation on what is right for you. Many choose to limit their intake of caffeine to no more than 200 milligrams each day (about two cups), particularly if they are in higher risk groups such as those over 70 years of age or struggling with obesity.

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