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    Ekobrew Cup Refillable Coffee Pod Review
  • This refillable k-cup is superior to other such products on the market. One of the most notable differences is that get more coffee in your cup than with the others.

    • Items include Re-use K-Cups K-Savers Stainless Steel Lid 5 Pack, for Use with Keurig Machine.

      • Can make your coffee pods to the taste and flavor you like, might need some experimenting, but you will get coffee that suits your taste buds better with this product.

          Refillable Coffee Pods
        • Solofill Cup - Refillable K-Cup For Keurig Brewers - Refillable Coffee Pod. No need to remove or swap out the filter holder. Built-in permanent stainless steel micro mesh filter.
        • EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod. Self tamping spring extracts a better cup of coffee or tea.
        • EZ-Cup Filter Papers by Perfect Pod
        • Medelco RK202 One All Universal Single-Cup Replacement Coffee Filter. For use with all coffeemakers using One All reusable single-serve coffee-filter system or Keurig-brand My K-Cup technology.

        • Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter 5048. The My K-Cup filter is compatible with all Keurig brewers except the OfficePRO, the B155, and all other commercial brewers.
        • Keurig My K-cup Reusable Replacement Filter
        • Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter. Works in Keurig home brewers B40 Elite, B50 Ultra, and B60 Special Edition. Does not fit B100, B100P, or B2000/3 Keurig brewers.
        • My-Kap - Reuse Your Keurig K-Cups. Easy way to reuse your K-Cups.
        • Second Generation Coffeeduck PERMANENT Refillable Coffee Filter. The Coffeeduck Second Generation ONLY works in the newer Senseo models HD7820-DH7824, HD7830, and HD7841-HD7842.
        • Perfect Pod Holster Use Any Pod in Your Keurig Coffee Maker. The Perfect Pod Holster allows you to use virtually any pod 55mm and greater in your Keurig coffee Machine.
        • First Generation Coffeeduck Permanent Refillable Coffee Filter for the Senseo. Only Works with Classic Senseo Models: HD7810 - HD7819. Will NOT work with Senseo Supreme & Deluxe Models or models starting with SL.
        • Presto 09993 MyPod Replacement Coffee Filters. Fits Presto MyPod product models 09401 & 09402.
        • Melitta Padfilter - Refillable Coffee Pod Filter for the Senseo & Senseo Deluxe
        • Improved Brown Ecopad, the Refillable Coffee Filter for the Senseo. Only works in Senseo Machines with Model Numbers starting with HD781.
        • Perfect Pod Coffee Filters. Works with the Perfect Pod Coffee Pod Maker.

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