Coffee Plants


Coffee Plants are perennial plants and evergreen varieties. Plants grow to extremely large heights. They are woody plants, which comes under the category of the Rubiaceae family. Due to their extreme height, they are considered to be a tree, rather than a plant or a bush. They are an orthotropic plant and a plagiotropic plant.

The major coffee varieties include Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans. Arabica plants account for almost 80 percent of the coffee grown in the world. Robusta coffee beans account for the remaining 20 percent. There is a lot of difference between the taste of Arabica and the Robusta coffee plants. The Robusta coffee beans have got a higher caffeine level, compared to the Arabica variety. It is surprising to note that these plants can grow up to a height of 32 feet or even beyond that. Though it can grow to great heights, the plants are not allowed to grow to such great heights. Otherwise, there would be great difficulty in harvesting the coffee beans due to the extreme height.

The leaves of these plants look shiny and waxy. Just like the height of these plants, the roots are also quite long. The roots can grow up to 80 feet long, below the ground. The tree will thus have a strong absorbing capacity. The roots can cover a very large area, in terms of absorption. The tap roots for these plants will be extending for around 45 cm. But the growth of the roots will purely depend on the quality of soil. Adequate amount of water and high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium are needed. You can expect to get good coffee flowers, around three years after the coffee plant is cultivated. It is easy to cultivate Arabica coffee, even at home.

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