How to
Store Coffee Beans


There are several ways to Store Coffee Beans. When you need to store coffee beans in the roasted form, it must be kept away from moisture and sunlight. Air and excessive heat are also enemies for roasted coffee beans. When you make preparations to keep the roasted coffee away from all these detrimental elements, then you can expect to keep the beans fresh for a longer period of time. Then which is considered as the best place to store the beans? Placing them in an airtight container and keeping them in a cold and dry place will help in providing the best environment for the beans.

The best way to store coffee beans is to buy and store them as whole beans. When you grind the coffee, it breaks up into pieces. Thus each piece gets more exposure to moisture and air. This might cause the beans to go stale very fast. When a comparison is made between freshly ground beans and the pre-ground variety, the fresh ones rank the best. Instead of placing in vacuum sealed bags, valve sealed bags can be used. In these bags, the inner carbon dioxide that is evolved, after roasting the beans, can escape. These beans will taste really good around 48 hours, after roasting the beans. Some people might think freezing the beans might be a good idea to keep them fresh. When you place coffee beans in a freezer, the coffee beans will lose their taste. Thus it is not an advisable option.

In a freezer, many things like vegetables or sea food can be stored. However, coffee beans have a porous nature. Therefore coffee beans can absorb many things. For instance, the flavor of the sea food or the vegetables can be absorbed by the coffee beans and vice versa. Good aroma is extremely important for coffee. If the aroma is lost while storing improperly, then you may as well have not stored them at all.

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