Calories in Coffee

Are there Calories in Coffee?

You might be surprised to discover that coffee is actually calorie-free. You can drink as many cups as you like, without worrying about an expanding waistline. Why, then, does it seem that coffee drinks cause weight gain? It’s generally because of the things you add in that put calories in coffee.

One packet of sugar, equivalent to a tablespoon, means 46 calories, and most people use two or three. One tablespoon of cream, such as those offered in tiny cups in restaurants, gives you 20 calories along with 1.8 grams of fat. The delicious coffee concoctions you buy at your favorite coffee shop can pack a high calorie punch anywhere from 400 – 800 per drink – sometimes more.

How can you avoid the pounds without sacrificing your daily pick-me-up? Rethink what you mix in and/or how you order. If you can’t stomach black coffee, consider calorie-free sweeteners, like Agave nectar or Stevia. Flavorings that keep the calories down while still adding flavor include cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne. Other favorites from the spice aisle include a couple of drops of extracts of mint, vanilla, almond, and similar.

Replace your cream with low-fat or non-fat milk, and if you really can’t turn down the caramel syrup, tell the barista to limit the amount. Some even offer a sugar-free version, which will dramatically reduce the calorie count. Skip the whipped cream altogether, and gradually reduce the amount of your add-ins, as new tastes can take some getting used to.
Many find that after a few weeks of their lower-calorie drink, their previous version tastes much too heavy and sweet.

If you aren’t convinced, do your research. Nearly all of today’s food establishments post nutrition information online. On each company’s website, you will find a chart that tells you exactly what you are consuming when you order those overloaded confections.

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