Black Tea vs Green Tea

Black Tea vs Green Tea

We often hear raving about the health benefits of green tea, which are true to an extent. But black tea is equally potent, but this hasn’t been completely proven as yet. Fact is that 97% of the 200 million lbs of tea imported into the United States annually is black, which proves that most of the general population prefers it over a green cup of tea.

Many studies prove that green tea has numerous health benefits, but in all fairness, most studies up till now have only been done on this color of tea. In terms of caffeine in black tea vs green tea, research proves that green tea has approximately half the amount that black has. Although this is dependent upon the country the tea is grown in, temperature, etc, as these aspects are what increase the quantity of caffeine contained by the tea.

White, green and black teas are all rooted to the Camellia Sinensis plant. But the way they are processed after being harvested, is what makes them unique to each other. Teas also differ according to the regions they hail from in terms of aroma, colors and taste. There are many instances where teas of the same color will have distinctly different flavors.

Green tea stems from Japan and China, and goes through minimal oxidization, which allows it to preserve its Catechins. This being green teas main ingredient is the sole reason why it is able to provide a list of health benefits, and is present in black tea as well, but at a ratio of 8:1.

Clinical studies prove that green tea helps reduce the chances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, cavities and helps increase bone density. On the other hand, black tea is fused with flavonoids, which helps combat and reduce bad cholesterol, heart disease and stroke. In terms of flavor, some tea enthusiast’s claim that green tea tastes a bit grassy, making black tea a more preferred choice in the western culture. So what it all boils down to is, it’s all a matter of personal taste.

If you like to relax without the caffeine, then the Sencha variety of green is an excellent choice. Or if you can’t do without the caffeine, then a cup of Oolong black tea will surely help kick-start your day.

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