Caribou Coffee Franchise

Your Quick Guide to the Caribou Coffee Franchise

The Caribou Coffee Franchise prides itself on being different from the competition in two key ways. First, the highly skilled Roastmasters travel the globe sampling coffee beans and developing relationships with the very best growers. Though the company is large, it strives to keep personal, long-term relationships that improve the lives of both the families and the communities that produce the coffee beans you buy.

Second, the quality of beans is second to none, as the highest production standards are required from every source. Each batch of Arabica beans is subjected to rigorous quality control measures, to ensure each cup you drink meets your exact expectations. You can look forward to the freshest beans available and all-natural decaffeination that doesn’t use any chemicals. You will taste the different from your first sip to your last in every great-tasting cup.

While there are currently no freestanding franchises available in the U.S., food service contractors will be considered for franchises in certain high-traffic locations. If you are interested in opening your own shop in your local grocery store, hospital, airport, university, hotel, or similar, you might be an excellent candidate for this opportunity.

Caribou Coffee franchisees receive extensive training, along with assistance in setting up operations, design and development, and ongoing marketing. What you can bring to the table is your previous proven success in restaurant development in the region you wish to open your store. Existing franchisees are great sources of information as you make your decision about pursuing this chance. They can provide you with details on their own experiences, as well as best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

As you enjoy your next cup of the best coffee available, consider growing your career with a business that cares about quality, customer service, and value. You will always be able to take pride in your livelihood when you are offering the Caribou Coffee difference.

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