How To Make Green Tea

How to make green tea. Green tea is a product of camellia sinensis leaves, and is a proven remedy to combat weight loss and a number of other health disorders. Green tea is also regarded as a potent herbal medicine, and contains a powerful antioxidant, which increases metabolism.

Catechin polyphenois is the most significant antioxidant found in green tea that reduces the number of carbohydrates, allowing you to exercise for longer periods. Apart from its health benefits, green tea with its subtle taste is a refreshing/revitalizing beverage that makes a great compliment to cup cakes, pastries and coffee cakes.

Originating from China and Asia, green tea has been a preferred beverage for decades, and still continues to be a benchmark in live strong techniques. The slim bodies and low numbers of overweight individuals in Asia contribute to the fact that green tea is indeed a weight loss promoter.

Exercising is no doubt a great and proven way to shed the extra pounds, but a cup of green tea along with it enhances the overall process, and is evident after even a few workout sessions.

Apart from its health benefits, green tea leaves can also be used as an ingredient for various delicacies such as the popular Japanese entrée - fried Chikuwa and veal. Green tea leaves work towards adding aromatic flavors to the dishes, and of course adding a distinct flavor.

Green tea is easy to prepare, but must be done carefully to avoid making a bitter tasting beverage, which is the main reason why many people stop drinking green tea. One of the worst methods of making green tea is to pour boiling water directly over the powder or leaves. This may be the traditional way to make black tea, but in green tea, this will burn off a number of the nutrients.

How to Make Green Tea Instructions:

  • Bring the water in your pot or kettle as close to a temperature of 140° - 185° F or 80° to 90° C.
  • Remember green tea is much more potent than black tea, making it even more important to use the right amount of tea. 1 teaspoon per cup should be the perfect amount for an ideal tasting beverage.
  • After allowing the tea to blend with the boiling water, add sweeteners and sugar to taste.
  • Filter the tea leaves and that’s it, you’re all set for a refreshing cup of green tea.

    Those who dislike the taste of green tea leaves can resort to green tea pills or supplements, but you may want to consult your physician before using any of these. The only negative of drinking green tea is that it does have some caffeine. But the small amount should far outweigh the numerous health benefits to be obtained.

    Hope you enjoyed How to Make Green Tea and use it to make yourself healthier over time.

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