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When we talk about the most expensive coffee variety, many people might think that it is the coffee variety from Jamaica or even Hawaii. But this is not true. The coffee variety from Indonesia is the highest priced coffee. It is surprising to know, but it is true.

The most expensive coffee is the Kopi Luwak. In the Indonesia language, the term Kopi means coffee. There is an animal that feeds on the raw beans of coffee. This is called the civet. Luwak in the Indonesian language means civet. Thus Kopi Luwak means the coffee bean that is fed by the animal, palm Civet. But the inner part of the beans is not digested by the civet. It is only the outer part that is consumed by this animal.

When you compare the price of these coffee beans with all the other varieties, you will be really shocked to know that you need to spend more than $500 for one pound. Thus, when you compare the price for one cup of coffee, it will be close to $50. But it is worth giving a try.

The coffee beans will have lesser bitter flavor, when compared to the less expensive varieties. In some areas, the cost may even reach up to $1000. The cost of a single cup can reach a maximum of $80.

In the traditional method, the harvesters had to look out for the excreta of the civets. This will contain the undigested portion of the Kopi Luwak coffee plant. But today, people have started taming these palm civets and have started feeding them with coffee beans.

Many people are willing to spend so much for these coffee beans due to its strong flavor and a very rich taste and aroma. The coffee seems to have a syrup-like taste.

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