Coffee Varieties


An enormous amount of Coffee Varieties are produced by proper selective breeding. The coffee grown in different areas each have their own distinctive features, in terms of good flavor, level of caffeine content and the amount of acidity. All these aspects will depend on the local environment also. The different varieties of coffee will also depend on the genetic variety and the cultivating atmosphere. Some varieties are grown only in a specific geographical area. They are called a single origin coffee plant. The most familiar varieties include the Robusta coffee or the Arabica coffee. The Arabica coffee has many sub varieties like the following.

Arusha Arabica coffee grows mainly in the Mount Meru region in Tanzania. It also grows in Papua New Guinea. Bergendal coffee Arabica variety mainly grows in Indonesia. Both the Bergendal and the sidikalang variety are grown in Indonesia. Blue Mountain is another excellent variety of Coffee Arabica. This grows in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. This also grows in regions like Kenya or Papua New Guinea. Bourbon grows in Latin America regions. The blue mountain variety is a mutant of the Typica variety. Apart from these types, Caturra variety grows in Central America and in Latin America. The Caturra is actually a mutant variety of Bourbon. This plant is shorter than the Bourbon variety.

In the early 1800, coffee cultivation began in Columbia. Today, so many varieties of coffee are seen in Columbia like the Maragogype, Caturra and the Typica. The intense aroma in all these Columbian coffee varieties is enjoyed by many coffee drinkers around the globe. The Ethiopian Harrar is another wonderful variety of coffee that grows in Ethiopia. It has an unusual fruity flavor. The taste will be similar to that of red wine. The Sidamo region in Ethiopia produces the Ethiopia Sidamo coffee variety. French mission is another good variety that coffee drinkers will enjoy once they give it a try.

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