How to make iced coffee?


How to make iced coffee? This is a common question that is asked by many people. There is a very simple procedure to perform this, which only takes a few minutes.

Before knowing how to make iced coffee, it is necessary to get the following materials. A pitcher is needed, which is also called a carafe. Best to use dark roasted beans and grind them finely, or buy them already finely ground. Then sugar or sweetener is needed. Those who have diabetes can use artificial sucrose containing sweeteners. A coffee maker is needed, such as a drip coffeemaker, percolator, French Press, Cold Brewer, or Vacuum Brewer. Apart from this, the other ingredients include ice cubes, milk, water and as many plastic cups or glasses you need. The best way of serving is using tall glasses or tall plastic cups for serving the iced coffee. You will also need a long spoon that reaches to the bottom of the glasses. After gathering everything needed, the iced coffee making can begin.

How to make iced coffee starts by making coffee as you normally would. Decide how many glasses you want. While waiting for the coffee to brew, get out your tall glasses and fill them with ice almost to the rim, depending on your preference. By now the coffee should be finished brewing. Add the coffee to your carafe or other server. To reach room temperature or lower, put the coffee into the refrigerator until cool enough. Once it reaches room temperature or cooler, fill the glasses to almost the top with coffee, leaving room for the sweetener and milk. Now, depending on your taste, add whole milk, half & half, cream, fat free half & half, or even non fat milk. At this point you need to stir the mixture. Now you add the sugar or sweetener of your preference, around 2 tablespoons, more or less depending on your taste. Stir until the sugar is thoroughly mixed into the mixture. and serve. This iced coffee can be a highly refreshing treat in the afternoon or on a hot day.

Sometimes, you might have prepared more hot coffee than needed. Rather than tossing this excess coffee out, this is the perfect for making iced coffee. Add sugar to the hot brewed coffee. Unlike adding sugar to iced coffee where it takes quite a bit of stirring to dissolve the sugar, the sugar will dissolve quite easily in the hot coffee. Then the hot coffee can be kept until it reaches room temperature, and then make your iced coffee. Or you can put the hot brewed coffee and sugar combination into your refrigerator to speed up the cooling process. Then the tall glass or plastic cups need to be filled almost to the rim with the ice cubes. Then the chilled coffee will be poured on top of the ice cubes. Then add your milk or cream to the glasses. Then stir and serve.

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