Barneys Coffee Shop

Barneys Coffee Shop in Amsterdam is set in a laid back ambiance and features a menu complete with in house vaporizers, succulent espressos and coffee. Located just 10 minutes away by foot from Amsterdam Central Station, the Barneys café is open from 7 am – 1 am daily, and is accentuated with trophies on the walls, which exudes a sports bar like aura.

The Barneys coffee shop definitely gets props for being a true Amsterdam classic hangout and nicely slots between the outlets on the Haarlemmerstraat. A coffee bar is set to the back of the café, while the narrow front is divided between a sales bar on one side, and the other side lined up with café tables, some of which are appointed with volcano vaporizers. The service at the café is customer oriented, where a typical patron arrives, orders their choice of weed or hash and compliments it with a savoring cup of coffee.

Guests of the Barneys coffee shop include a mixture of on the go locals and exhilarating tourists, all arriving in droves to experience the exceptional quality of hash and weed. The music in the backdrop is a combination of soothing pop and classic rock, which also happens to be a great prescription for relaxation vibes. Guests are welcome to browse through the onboard gift shop at the café, which features an intriguing selection of award winning seeds, keychains, hats and a number of Barneys souvenirs.

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On sunny days, guests can enjoy chilled beers on the corner outdoor tables, while enjoying the famed Amsterdam scenery. This friendly chic bar features an array of exciting selections of cocktails and is the only café in town to offer Italy’s finest organic wines especially created for the most discerning wine enthusiasts. In order to further assure you of unsurpassed service, every employee of Barneys is put through 3 months of intuitive training, which includes gracious customer service skills.

Resident DJ’s spin the beats on most evenings and there is a big screen to catch the scores. If you’re looking for a great place to unwind, while in Amsterdam, the Barneys coffee shop is definitely the place to be.

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