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Coffee Information is available all over the net. Here you will find virtually anything and everything to do with coffee information including product reviews to coffee cake recipes and health issues. So here we will give you a short overview of coffee.

The amount of rain and the altitude at which the coffee plants are grown affect the quality of the bean. The higher the altitude the better the quality, if it gets enough rain. There are two major kinds of commercial beans. The Arabica, which is the best beans for brewing and is grown at higher altitudes. The Robusta, which is lower quality and and usually used in instant coffees, and is also used in blended coffee. Of course, if added to Arabica blends, it will lower the quality of the blend.

Coffee was originally discovered in Ethiopia. Today it is grown and produced commercially in many different countries. Some of these coffee growing countries include Brazil, Cameroon, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Sumatra and Java, Tanzania, Venezuela and Yemen. Quality is different depending on which area of the country it is grown in, altitudes, soil, and climate. All of these things affect the quality and flavor of the coffee beans.

Commercial beans are green and need to be roasted. There are several different roasts. Roasting will determine the flavor, aroma, mellowness, richness and nuttiness of the brew. You have Light Roasts which is used for mild beans and provides a delicate aroma and flavor. A Medium Roast produces a strong flavor. Full Roast produces a strong flavor with a touch of bitterness. High Roast, sometimes called a Continental roast produces a strong bitter taste. Italian Roast which is more commonly known as Espresso Roast.

For the best quality of brewed coffee you need to buy whole beans and grind them just prior to brewing. Once packaged beans are opened they will remain fresh for a month or more if stored in the freezer. Ground coffee should be used up within 2 weeks and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If you want really fresh coffee you could buy green beans, but these would need to be roasted.

There are several types of grind. Coarse Grind is used for percolators, french press, and cold water brewing. Medium Grind can be used with percolators, small espresso machines, or flat-bottomed drip coffeemakers.

Fine Grind is used for drip coffeemakers and coffee makers that use paper filters. Very Fine Grind is used in espresso machines. Powdered Grind is used to make strong Greek, Turkish and Arabian coffee.

Brewing coffee can be done in several different ways. There is the Pot Method, and a variation of this is the Cafetiere method of brewing. Other methods are the French Press, Filter method, Drip Machines, Percolators, Vacuum Method, Espresso Machine, Turkish, and finally the Cold-Water Method of brewing. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages which can be checked out further within these pages.

Besides coffee there are many specialty drinks you can try with coffee beans. Some of these are iced coffees, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, mocha's and many other gourmet drinks.

Coffee information that is somewhat unusual that is discussed on these pages is coffee pertaining to your health. We discuss coffee colonics and coffee enemas. These topics are extremely popular. Also covered are topics about coffees affect on asthma, Alzheimer's, antioxidants, caffeine, depression, diabetes, exercise performance, gallstones, gano coffee, heartburn, hepatitis-C, mental alertness, Parkinson's, and physical fitness.

We also encourage your input to our topics on coffee information. On each page you can scroll to the bottom and add your own comments, stories, reviews, pictures and more. We will publish this coffee information and let other readers check out your input.

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