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    Bean Vac Coffee Canister
  • Bean Vac Cordless Automatic Vacuum Seal Coffee Bean Storage Canister (Battery Operated) with FREE 16 oz. Stainless Steel 12V Heated Travel Mug

      Exceptional Designs
    • Exceptional Designs ED150 Bean Vac Coffee Canister. This is a battery operated coffee bean storage canister. Uses 4 "AA" batteries to operate.

      • Friis Coffee Vault - Coffee Savor model in Stainless Steel 12 ounces. This coffee bean storage vault blocks out light and air which seals in the flavor. It uses the Friis freshness valve vents away damaging CO2 gases that result from the roasting process.
      • Friis Coffee Vault - Coffee Savor model in Stainless Steel 16 ounces

        • Oggi EZ Grip Regular Canister. Airtight canister with stainless steel spoon, REGULAR imprinted on the side.
        • Oggi EZ Grip Decaf Canister. Ceramic airtight coffee bean storage canister. DECAF printed on the side.
        • Oggi Stainless Steel Airtight Canister with Coffee Filter Compartment. Store both coffee beans and coffee filters.
        • Oggi EZ Grip Tea Canister. Ceramic airtight canister for storing tea. Has TEA imprinted on the side.

          • Senseo 90741 Brabantia Canisters. Designed to hold senseo coffee pods and keep them fresh. Unit is dishwasher safe and constructed of stainless steel.

            • Trudeau 0871808 Stainless-Steel 30 Ounce Food-Storage Canister. This coffee bean storage canister has a beautiful brushed satin finish. The lid is constructed of transparent polystyrene and has an airtight latch prolonging freshness.
            • Trudeau 0871801 Stainless Steel 38 Ounce Canister. Can be used for coffee, sugar, and flour. Canister has a satin finish. Dishwasher safe.
            • Trudeau 0871802 Stainless-Steel 52 Ounce Food-Storage Canister. Canister has a brushed satin finish. Lid has an airtight latch and is constructed of transparent polystyrene. Unit is dishwasher safe and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


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