Is Coffee Bad For You?


Is coffee bad for you?

Coffee is considered to be a very safe beverage, when it is consumed at correct quantities. But when you think of the question ‘Is coffee bad for you?’ you might need to give the response as ‘yes’ at times. When a person drinks more than 6 cups of coffee in one day, then this condition is termed as caffeinism. This is associated with symptoms like agitation or nervousness. If you get completely addicted to it, then you can experience some withdrawal symptoms. Though coffee helps in stimulating the nervous system, it has drastic side effects, when consumed in excess.

Insomnia is the biggest problems caused by caffeine intake. Other than this, there will be issues like restlessness, digestion related problems, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, increase in cholesterol, increased heart beat and so on. Coffee can relieve you of headache. But when you drink it in large quantities, it might become a causative factor for headache.

Some people might also be experiencing some strange sounds like ringing, in their ears. When coffee is consumed, in the unfiltered state, then it might increase the level of the bad cholesterol or the low density lipoprotein in the body. Triglycerides might also be showing an enormous increase.

Thus when you ask the question, ‘Is coffee bad for you?’ this cannot be provided with a generalized response. It really depends on the frequency of intake as well as on the total quantity of intake. In some extreme cases, it might also lead to heart diseases. All these can be avoided by consuming much less coffee, and making sure it has been filtered before drinking.

Or instead of coffee, you can switch to drinking green tea. Tea has the ingredient Theobromine, which is beneficial to the body. It is not advisable to have more then 2 cups of coffee during pregnancy or during periods of breast feeding.

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