Engraved Coffee Mugs

Engraved Coffee Mugs are fast gaining in popularity and can be seen in many a household since personalized products are the flavor of the season. For most coffee lovers, drinking this brew of the gods is an experience to be savored. And what better way to savor this than to have your daily cup of coffee in a personalized coffee mug that is uniquely yours.

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    When buying engraved coffee mugs, you have the following options to choose from:

    1. Glass Mugs:
    There are many types of glass coffee mugs in the market, which can be engraved to suit individual needs. You can choose from transparent glass mugs or mugs in various colors such as blue, green, brown, pink etc. A glass coffee mug in itself can be quite an attractive product, but add to it some unique engraving and it becomes that much more special. With glass coffee mugs, you have two main types of engravings to choose from. These are:

    Hand engraved coffee mugs: If you want each engraved mug to be unique and extraordinary, then the only way to achieve this is to go in for hand engraving of your glass coffee mugs. Every groove and cut is painstakingly engraved by hand, thus resulting in a finished product that is amazingly unique. The etchings are quite deep and every detail in the engraving stands out brilliantly.

    Hand engraving is ideal if you want to engrave only the initials of a person, a small design, or up to a couple of lines of text on the mug. However, if you want more than 2 lines of text on the mug, or want a special logo engraved on it, then hand engraving may not be the right choice.

    Sand blasting: In this type of engraving, a stencil is made depending on which design or lettering you want, and this stencil is then sand blasted onto the glass coffee mug, thus transferring the design and lettering on to the mug. Unlike the deep etches and grooves that you get with hand engraving; the sand blasting option gives you a smoother and shallower finish. However, specific details and logos are better engraved on to glass coffee mugs with this method. You can easily engrave as many lines of text as you want with the sand blasting method and also intricate company logos or personal designs.

    2. Ceramic:
    The engraving on ceramic mugs cannot be called that in the true sense of the word as it is more of a type of printing than engraving. However, even the printing process delivers excellent engraved looking finishes to ceramic coffee mugs. It is even possible to get colored engravings done, both on white ceramic mugs and colored ones.

    Whichever type of engraved coffee mugs you choose, you are sure to enjoy your coffee in your new personalized mug.

    Gift Giving

    Engraved coffee mugs make excellent gifts for friends and family, In fact, if you have a true coffee gourmet in your family or your circle of friends, then an engraved coffee mug can be the perfect gift. These mugs can be gifted for various occasions such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding favors
  • Bridal shower favors
  • Corporate gifts
  • Party favors
  • Father’s day/mother’s day gifts

    Buying Tips

    Here are some tips on buying engraved coffee mugs:

  • Always ensure that the design or lettering that you want has been properly and accurately mentioned. If ordering your mugs over the phone, spell out exactly what letters you want engraved on your mugs.
  • The engraving is always centered on the coffee mugs. So, if you want it placed differently (such as on either side), then make sure to specify that.
  • The design is usually engraved only on one side of the mug. However, if you want it to appear on both sides, you need to specifically mention that. Needless to say, such engraving will cost you almost double the usual price.

    So what are you waiting for? Go order your engraved coffee mugs today!

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