Gourmet Coffee
Coffee for the Connoisseurs

Gourmet Coffee is a sinfully pleasurable and intoxicating delight. You simply can’t resist it. Let the tantalizing aroma and exotic flavors of the choicest Coffee gourmet beans tickle your taste buds and elevate you to the highest level of beverage satisfaction.

Did you know that globally people consume more than 330 million cups of coffee a day? After water and aerated drinks coffee has toppled tea to become the third favorite beverage of the world. The taste of gourmet coffee is characteristically rich and luxurious. Make your coffee experiences more soothing and satisfying with various striking blends of this premium coffee.

You can select from a wide variety of coffee blends that are made from the choicest coffee beans. Coffee is predominantly grown in tropical countries. Brazil is the world’s highest coffee producer and produces some of the finest coffee beans. India ranks fifth in the world as a chief coffee-producing region, especially in the southern parts of India.

There are more than 40 varieties of coffee plants out of which only two varieties are preferred for making premium coffee. These two exotic varieties are coffee Arabica and coffee Robusta. Arabica coffee beans are more superior quality coffee beans than Robusta. Gourmet Coffee beans are mostly Arabica because of their supreme flavor and smooth texture.

Roasting and grinding of freshly picked green coffee beans are the two very crucial steps in enhancing the rich coffee flavors that’s so very typical of gourmet coffee. The coffee beans are usually lightly roasted so as to retain its exquisite and natural taste. Gourmet beans are usually ground finely to the extent that you can enjoy a flowing, full-bodied cup of rich coffee.

Some of the famous countries from where exotic gourmet coffee beans are imported to give you that divine cup of pure delight are Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Sumatra, Java, Hawaii, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

It takes 3-5 years for a coffee tree to bear fruit or the so-called ‘coffee beans’, which are small reddish brown colored beans resembling cherries. Each tree can yield only 3,500 cherries or one pound of coffee per year. Precious little beans of life. Even in this hi-tech world, harvesting of coffee is done manually almost everywhere to retain its pure flavors and scents.

The natural magic potion contained in coffee that rejuvenates and lifts up our spirits so often is called ‘caffeine.’ Caffeine directly affects the nervous system and helps to relax and soothe our frayed nerves. How about rejuvenating your senses with a cup of perfectly brewed mesmerizing gourmet coffee?

You are spoiled for choices, as gourmet coffee beans are available in a large variety of blends. Most blends are a mixture of dark and light roast coffee beans. The coffee beans must always be stored in air-tight/vacuumized containers so as to retain the beans rich flavors and freshness.

Just before brewing you can grind the roasted coffee beans finely and then add it to your coffeemaker. The trick to the perfect cup of mind-blowing gourmet coffee is to add one heaped tablespoon of ground coffee to every six ounces of water. So it’s strongly suggested that you store roasted coffee beans instead of grounded coffee.

Coffee grinders will help you finely grind the coffee in a jiffy and you can then use this freshly ground coffee just before brewing.

Numerous exclusive coffee services on the Internet assist you in choosing from hundreds of varieties of gourmet coffee blends and flavors offering you interesting coffee recipes and some great coffee making tips. So you can enrich your knowledge and go ahead preparing yourself a stimulating and erotic cup of rich coffee. The various coffee websites online also offer attractive coffee gift baskets. You can order online and the coffee beans will be freshly roasted as per your choice, parceled and delivered at your doorstep.

Some of the most common brewers used to make that perfect cup of rich and revitalizing gourmet coffee are the French Press, Vacuum Coffee Maker, drip coffee maker, Cold Brew System and the Percolator. Some exotic flavors can be added to gourmet blends to enhance the ordinary coffee flavor. You can choose from variously flavored coffee with such flavors as rum, chocolate, vanilla, macadamia, peanut butter, raspberry and many more.

Also available are decaffeinated varieties. The decaf coffee beans are stripped off their caffeine content by about 95-96% by European/Traditional processes. Research has shown that too much caffeine is injurious to health and so decaf coffees have become very popular. Decaf tastes just the same as their caffeinated siblings.

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