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Know the Danger of Coffee Enema Procedures
by Randy Wilson

Knowing the possible Danger of Coffee Enema procedures could have before you perform them can eliminate any risks involved. Although the Coffee Enemas are an increasingly popular way to rid your body of toxins, you need to know all you can about them before undertaking one to ensure you perform them safely.

So before you decide to take part in any process that introduces materials into your body, the first thing you want to do is to find out all you can. Do as much research as possible on Coffee Enemas and be sure to speak with your primary care provider. Knowing all the necessary information and following all precautions will eliminate any potential danger of Coffee Enema procedures.

Side Effects:

Also, be sure to use an all-natural, organic coffee blend designed specifically for Coffee Enemas. Don’t use commercial coffee blends or decaffeinated coffee. Commercial blends can be dangerous, so stick with a good organic blend for enema use.

The biggest Danger is associated with the material itself: coffee. The majority of individuals injured while performing an enema using coffee simply used the liquid before it had time to properly cool. Using coffee that is too hot can cause great injury to both your anus and your intestinal tract, leaving you in great pain due to potentially dangerous burns. You should carefully test the temperature of coffee or any liquid you choose to use as an enema to ensure it is not hot enough to cause injury.

Another Danger of Coffee Enemas or any type of enema is associated with the equipment used. Be sure to purchase an enema bag or bucket with a soft tip to insert the tube into your rectum. Using a hard or rigid tip can potentially cause tearing or other problems that can lead to complications at a later date. Only use items designated for use as enema devices and ensure the tubes, tips, and everything else are completely clean and free of any harmful bacteria.

Some individuals claim the Danger of Coffee Enema procedures involves the coffee itself. Since the liquid contains caffeine-decaffeinated coffee will not have the same effects and should not be used as liquid for enema procedures. Some individuals claim that people who use Coffee Enemas can become addicted to the substance just as if they were orally consuming the liquid. Also, individuals who have been advised to avoid caffeine, including pregnant women, should avoid Coffee Enemas since the caffeine level is magnified due to the method of consumption.

The main Danger is in the frequency. Although many individuals choose to participate in Coffee Enemas on a daily basis, you should know your limit when it comes to putting coffee into your body. Speak with your doctor to determine the proper frequency of engaging in Coffee Enemas.

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