Coffee Enema:
Rejuvenate Your Liver

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The idea of a Coffee Enema is strange at first. It is hard to imagine why you should put your favorite drink to such an unconventional use. Why on earth should anyone want to have an enema with coffee? It sure sounds like a scalding experience!

The fact is, caffeine, the active alkaloid in coffee, is very good for getting the liver rid of unwanted substances. A German doctor called Max Gerson invented the method in the 1920-s. Ever since then, a Coffee Enema has proved to be a successful remedy for the poisonous effects of harmful substances that we cannot avoid while living in a modern civilization.

The liver is the main place in your body where poisonous and toxic materials are treated and expelled from the system. In the modern world, the human liver has to work overtime to cope with all the kinds of toxins we take in every day. This sometimes creates an uncleared stash of poison in the liver that is potentially very harmful for your body. When you take a Coffee Enema for colon cleansing, the absorbed caffeine stimulates the liver to produce more than normal quantities of bile, thus clearing the poison away.

So how do you go about taking Coffee Enemas for a colon cleanse? You sure can't walk into the local coffee shop and order one. For one thing, you're toasted if they serve it too hot!

These are the things you need in order to give yourself this rejuvenating treatment in the privacy of your bedroom. Apart from the standard pots and pans, and the obvious enema bag and tube, you shall also need a source of filtered water (as opposed to chlorinated water, which will kill the helpful micro-organisms in your bowels). And last but not the least, you shall of course need a quantity of organic, fully caffeinated coffee. Do not compromise on the quality of the coffee – non-organic varieties are dangerous for this purpose, and decaf just will not work for Coffee Enemas. Also keep a supply of vegetable oils or some water-based lubricant jelly nearby, just in case you need some.

Pour eight cups of filtered water into a pan and bring it to a boil. Add as many heaped tablespoonfuls of ground organic coffee. Use a French Press, if available, to strain the liquid, and pour it out. Cool it to lukewarm levels; if you're unsure of the right temperature, it is better to make a mistake on the lower side rather than risking boiling your innards.

Retain the enema for 10 to 20 minutes, and change your position a few times during retention. A light massaging of the abdomen from left to right is also considered beneficial. Coffee Enemas should be repeated every day for a week or so, to achieve full effect. You should be able to feel your gall bladder squirting juices – if you don't, you may want to increase the concentration of coffee, but not beyond 2 tablespoonfuls per cup.

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