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A Colon Cleansing is a procedure that has been touted as having immense health benefits. By cleansing your colon, you can get rid of the harmful toxins in your body and regain vital health.

The main purpose of the colon is to help in the absorption of essential nutrients and facilitate the elimination of waste matter from the body. However, when it does not function properly (due to blocked waste matter), the harmful toxins cannot exit the body but get circulated back into the system. This is what leads to severe health problems such as acute pains, headaches, and even certain cancers.

The only way to prevent the harmful toxins from re-entering the body from the bowel is to ensure that it remains clean and can function properly. This can be done with colon cleansing.

Here are the main methods:

1. Colon Hydrotherapy:
In this method, tepid water is slowly pushed into the colon through the anal passage using a disposable plastic tube. This type of colon cleansing should only be carried out by a qualified medical expert. In this method, the large intestine gets thoroughly cleansed. With repeated use of this procedure, you can get rid of harmful toxins from both the intestines. Although there are some home use systems available, it is best to use these in consultation with a medical expert.

2. Enemas
This is another method. An enema is an infusion of different substances into the rectum, which then help to clear the rectum and bowels. The substance used for the enema will depend on which type of enema is being performed. The different types are:

  • Water enemas: where water is used for the procedure. This is similar to hydrotherapy but the amount of water used is considerably less. Here, only the lower part gets cleaned and not the entire organ.

  • Clay enemas: Where bentonite clay mixed with water is used for the enema procedure.

  • Coffee enema: In this type of enema, real coffee liquid is used to perform the procedure. The active ingredients in the coffee help to hasten the process of waste elimination and keep it free from blockages. To know more about the Coffee Enema Procedure, read our article on the topic.

    In addition to the above types of cleansing methods there are others such as laxatives and herbal supplements. Both of these are meant to be taken orally and help facilitate bowel movements. Herbal supplements typically contain fiber in different forms so that constipation does not occur and the bowel is emptied regularly. This helps to keep the colon clean, thus preventing serious illnesses.

    Of all the above colon cleansing procedures, the coffee enema process is one that can easily be done at home and on a daily basis. The oral alternatives can also be used every day, but these are not as effective as a coffee enema.

    Thus, by using any colon cleansing method as shown here, you can ensure that your body remains healthy and fit.

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