Healthy Coffee Drinks!
Is It Really Possible?

Healthy Coffee Drinks, is there such a Thing? There are now some studies showing that there can actually be coffee that is good for you. However, when people speak of coffee, “healthy” is rarely mentioned. Instead, words like “addiction”, “jitters” and “instant” are more apt to come to mind.

The antioxidants present in coffee can benefit the health, and there are new blends being introduced on the market that may revolutionize coffee as we know it.

A company called Jeremiah’s Pick started within the last few years adding herbal extracts and amino acids to coffee in order to try to create Healthy Coffee Drinks. The J.O.E. (Java of Evolution) line is now available in many natural food and gourmet stores throughout the United States.

Other companies blend roasted herbs, nuts, fruits, and grains and then grind and brew them like coffee beans. These blends are made to taste like coffee and are often called Herbal Coffee. They’re caffeine free and can be brewed in any standard coffee maker. Healthy Coffee Drinks takes a different turn with the relatively new low-acid coffee available in many natural food stores.

Through new, non-chemical processes, the acid and oils are removed from the coffee beans to produce a product that is relatively neutral on the pH scale. This makes for coffees that are healthier for people with certain gastrointestinal disorders and discomforts.

Another prominent blend involves the blend of Brazilian Arabica beans and the Ganoderma Lucidum extract. The Ganoderma Lucidum extract was discovered thousands of years ago by the Chinese as a beneficial extract of the Reishi or Ling zhi mushroom. This extract is purported to strengthen the immune system and improve the body’s ability to heal and expel toxins.

Recently, a process has been developed to produce coffee from soybeans. These drinks have all of the benefits of soy intake with the taste of coffee. There is no caffeine in these coffees, and they have tons of vitamins and minerals.

Some companies are also blending soy coffee beans with traditional coffee beans in order to appease coffee purists who prefer more of a true coffee taste without all the caffeine and acid.

While Healthy Coffee Drinks may not be mainstream as of yet, they are available both online and through natural food stores. For those who love coffee but hate some of its side effects, these alternatives to the classic cup of joe are a welcome addition to the marketplace.

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