Coffee and Heartburn
Break the Connection

Coffee and Heartburn:Doctors have always detected a connection between the two. It has almost become a part of common wisdom that coffee, wonderful drink that it is, is one of the main causes behind this painful side effect. One out of five coffee drinkers in the US suffers from this ailment. They have been advised by their doctor to cut their caffeine intake. It's a deplorable situation where they love their brew, but are not loved in return.

So are you doomed to a caffeine-less existence for the rest of your days? Are Coffee and Heartburn so eternally linked together that there is no hope at all for coffee aficionados? Must they necessarily suffer from this or give up the drink they hold so close to their hearts?

The good news is, coffee and heartburn need not be as irrevocably bound together as much today as they once were. There is now a process for making coffee harmless in this respect. The last major innovation in processing technology was in the 1930-s, when decaf was invented. And now, for the first time since then, there is a new technology for making coffee that does not cause this harmful side effect.

What links them together? The contents of the human stomach are naturally acidic, so that is normal. You don't really feel that acidity as long as things are in control. And that acidity is actually necessary for the proper digestion of food. It is when that acidity grows to abnormal levels and rises from the stomach into the food pipe, that you experience heartburn.

There are many substances that may cause this excess of acidity by irritating the stomach. And among the many kinds of stomach irritants, caffeine is one of the most potent. It stimulates the stomach into producing more acid than normal. This is what connects coffee with it. And this is why doctors advise against coffee for chronic patients of acid indigestion.

Now, there are new techniques for making coffee less irritating for the stomach. As a result, this connection between Coffee and Heartburn is not necessary anymore. The Hevla technology, for example, employs a patented process that involves a high pressure steaming of the beans. Removing the irritating substances has not really been the challenge all this time. Rather, it has been removing them while retaining the taste and the flavor – things that make coffee interesting.

This is exactly what the new techniques have achieved. The best Arabica beans are chosen for Hevla-processed coffee, and the roasting goes on as usual. Roasting creates the flavor, but unfortunately also gives rise to the substances that cause the heartburn. The Hevla high pressure steaming method is able to remove these substances without compromising on the taste and flavor.

So if you are one of those people who are thinking of giving up on coffee because of heartburn, despair no more. The link between coffee and heartburn has been broken. Go ahead and try the new product, and savor your favorite brew without suffering for it.

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