Gallstones and Coffee!
Are they Related?

Gallstones and Coffee. What is the risk of getting them from drinking coffee? Many studies on them over the last twenty years have hinted at a relationship between consuming caffeinated coffee and a reduced risk of gallstones and these other illnesses. These would include cirrhosis of the liver, colorectal cancer, and gastrointestinal health.

An Institute located in Oslo, Norway evaluated the mortality rate from cirrhosis of the liver. They looked at the relationship between Gallstones and coffee drinking. It was found that there wasn't any benefit from coffee drinking concerning people who had died from cirrhosis of the liver.

But, it was found that those people who had cirrhosis of the liver that wasn't related to the drinking of alcohol. That in those people, drinking coffee actually did reduce the effects of the cirrhosis of the liver.

It was recognized by a study done in Oakland, California, that most heavy coffee drinkers do not develop alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver or other gastrointestinal disorders. This study found that those patients who drank four or more cups of coffee per day had one-fifth the risk of cirrhosis of the liver as non-coffee and tea drinkers. This relationship remained constant even when weighed against other risk factors such as other gastrointestinal health issues.

Another study done in Canada looked at the relationship of consuming coffee with various gastrointestinal cancers. These cancers included bladder, colon and rectal types of cancer. The study was unable to find any correlation between coffee or tea consumption and bladder or rectal cancer. However, the study again found that drinking five or more cups of coffee daily significantly reduced the risk of colon cancer. This was especially pronounced with cancer of the proximal colon rather than the distal colon.

Colorectal Cancer was studied at an Institute in Milan, Italy. This study consisted of reviewing twenty-five past studies published between 1990 and 2003 to try to determine any sort of statistical relationship between drinking coffee or tea and colorectal cancer. The analysis concluded that there was no benefit to drinking either decaffeinated coffee or any kind of tea. However, drinking caffeinated coffee repeatedly was shown to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, regardless of any demographic biases.

This same Institute also looked at the relationship between coffee consumption and cancers of the bladder, pancreas, colon and rectum in a separate epidemiological study. They found that, despite the highly publicized accounts to the contrary, the higher risk of bladder cancer for coffee drinkers is negligible. Also that a relationship could not be found with either the amount of coffee consumed or the duration during which it was consumed.

This was also true for pancreatic cancer. A study in 1981 showed a possible association with coffee consumption, but most studies since then have not shown a statistically significant relationship. This study also showed that coffee consumption reduced the risk of colorectal cancer, particularly cancer centered in the colon.

Two institutions in Boston also did a statistical analysis of twelve published articles pertaining to the relationship between coffee consumption and the reduced risk of colorectal cancer. This analysis determined that the lower risk of colorectal cancer due to coffee consumption was particularly observed in studies from Asia, Northern and Southern Europe, and North America. The analysis could not definitively state that there is a relationship due to the difference in the ways the various studies were conducted. However, the results did indicate as previously published that coffee consumption lowered the risk of colorectal cancer.

A school in Boston looked at the possible relationship between Gallstones and Coffee consumption. The researchers particularly examined the relationship between cholecystectomy, a surrogate of symptomatic Gallstones disease, and coffee consumption in women. Over twenty years, over 80,000 women were studied to watch for various gastrointestinal health issues. The researchers found that drinking caffeinated coffee reduced the risk of symptomatic Gallstone disease in women.

This same institute also studied this same relationship between coffee consumption and gastrointestinal health issues in men. Over 46,000 men were surveyed. This study found that increasing the intake of caffeinated coffee (four or more cups daily) decreased the risk of symptomatic Gallstones disease. In total, these studies have shown that there may be some relationship between the consumption of caffeinated coffee and the reduction of risk of several gastrointestinal health issues.

These studies have shown that there is a significant probability of benefit with regards to cirrhosis of the liver, colorectal cancer and Gallstones. There was not enough data to conclusively state the same about other cancers, including that of the bladder and pancreas.

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