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Coffee Growing Countries Coffee originated in Africa but has since been spread all over the world. It grows commercially in over 21 countries. There are two commercial types: Arabica, which is grown where rain is plentiful and at higher altitudes. The higher the altitude generally the better the quality. Robusta, which by its name suggests that it is quite hardy and easy to grow. Lower grade of coffee grown at lower altitudes. Usually used in instant coffee, or blended in with Arabica coffee, much to the detriment of the better grade coffee.

Alphabetical listing of Coffee Growing Countries

Produces 30% of the coffee grown worldwide. Lower grade coffee with Santos being the top grade.

  • Compagnia Dell'Arabica "Brasil Santos" Espresso Pods
  • New York Coffee Brazil "Santos" Green SWP Decaf
  • New York Coffee Brazil "Santos"

    African state that mostly grows higher quality robusta and small amounts of mellow arabica.

  • Cameroon Boyo Coffee
  • New York Coffee Cameroon Boyo

    All Colombian coffee is arabica. Medellin is the best known of the colombian coffees. Beans are known for having a full, rich flavor.

  • Compagnia dell'Arabica Colombia Medellin
    Supremo Espresso Pods
  • Coffee Masters Gourmet Coffee, Colombian
    Popoyan, Whole Bean
  • Eight O'Clock Coffee Colombian 100%
  • Juan Valdez Premium Colombian Coffee

    Costa Rica:
    Tarrazu is the most well known coffee from Costa Rica. These coffees are known for its sharp acidity and fine rich flavor.

  • Tarrazu Montecielo Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee
  • Starbucks Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee, Ground
  • Reggie's Roast Costa Rica Tarrazu
  • Boyer's Coffee Costa Rican Tarrazu

    Dominican Republic:
    This coffee is more commonly known as Santo Domingo. The US and West Germany enjoy Dominican Republic coffees which are strong and full-bodied in the best grades.

  • Larry's Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Dominican Republic, Whole Bean

    Used mainly in blends in the past. This was because of the coffees thin body and sharp flavor. In the past most of the coffee was low grade arabica and robusta due to a lack of proper harvesting and processing practice. However, recently they have been improving in this area and now are producing higher grades of coffee.

  • Aroma Ridge Ecuador "Puyango" Coffee
  • Ecuador "Puyango" Coffee by Rona
  • Galapagos Islands Organic Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

    El Salvador:
    All of El Salvador coffee is arabica. In the past it was usually lesser grade coffees used mainly for blending. The coffee had a slight flavor and mild body. However, more recently they have improved the coffee and it now has some excellent qualities such as great acidity, refinement and depth.

  • Larry's Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee,
    El Salvador Dali Blend, Whole Bean
  • Farmers of El Salvador, Green Coffee Beans:
    Fair Trade Organic El Salvador El Salto
  • Larry's Beans Fair Trade Organic
    El Salvador Dali Blend, Whole Bean

    Harrar is the best known of the coffees from Ethiopia. It has become known as Ethiopian Mocha and has virtually replaced Mocha from Yeman. The coffee is strongly flavored and winey.

  • Larry's Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee,
    Mama Nile Ethiopia, Whole Bean
  • groundwork Ethiopia Blue Nile, Whole Bean Coffee

    The Antigua and Coban are the best coffees. Guatemalan coffee is high grown, mild, with good aroma and acidity.

  • Orleans Coffee Exchange, Guatemalan Coban, Fair Trade Coffee
  • Coffee Bean Direct Guatemala Huehuetenango, Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee
  • BuyWell 100% Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Sampler: Peru, Guatemala, Sumatra Whole Bean

    Grades range from the better quality with a rich, mildly sweet flavor to the lower grades that are used in Europe for the high roasts.

    This is a superior grade of coffee known as Kona. Kona is slightly acidic, smooth and mellow. However, production has been decreasing due to the increase in Macadamia Nut Trees.

  • Award Winning Farm-Roasted 100% Kona Coffee, Whole Bean, Medium Roast
  • Maui Coffee Company 20% Maui Blend Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee, Ground
  • Hawaiian Kona Blend Coffee - Ground by Black Mountain Gold
  • Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Bean

    The best known is Mysore which has a delicate aroma, with a smooth soft flavor. Often it is blended along with Mocha.

  • Indian Mysore Ground Arabica Coffee Beans from Verona by Giamaica Caffe
  • Indian Cherry Whole Bean Coffee from Verona

    The Blue Mountain coffee is very scarce and therefore expensive. Many think it is the perfect coffee due to its smoothly balanced body, acidity, aroma and flavor. It is very popular in Japan. However, there are many who disagree and believe them to be bland when compared with Kenya AA or Guatemalan Antigua Coffees.

  • Jeremiah's Pick Coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend, Whole Bean
  • Hawaii Roasters 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Whole Bean

    One of the most highly regarded coffees is the Kenya Peaberry. But, all of the Kenya coffees are high grade arabica that have mildness, full flavor and fine acidity.

  • Copper Moon Kenya Coffee, Medium Dark Roast, Whole Bean
  • Green Mountain Coffee Kenyan AA (Extra Bold), K-cups For Keurig Brewers
  • Coffee Bean Direct Dark Kenya AB, Whole Bean Coffee

    The United States purchases the vast majority of the light, rich and fine acidity coffees from Mexico. Coatapec is considered the best of the lot.

  • Liquid Planet Organic Origin Mexican Coffee; Ground
  • Farmer's Daughters - Zaragoza, Mexico, Whole Bean

    Cultivation of Nicaraguan Coffee began early but it did not dominate the economy as in Guatemala and El Salvador.

  • Timothy's World Coffee, Extra Bold Fair Trade Nicaraguan, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers
  • Revolución - Nicaraguan Coffee, 100% Organic, Shade-grown, Medium Roast
  • Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters Organic Nicaraguan Dark Coffee, Whole Bean

    Papua New Guinea:
    Similiar to the coffee grouwn in Kenya with a full smooth flavor.

  • Camano Island Coffee Roasters Papua New Guinea, Medium Roast, Whole Bean
  • Copper Moon Papua New Guinea Coffee, Whole Bean
  • Coffee Bean Direct City Roast Papua New Guinea, Whole Bean Coffee

    Chanchamayo is the coffee Peru is most noted for with a good flavor and mildly acidic.

  • Camano Island Coffee Roasters Peru, Decaf, Light Roast, Whole Bean
  • Green Coffee Beans: Fair Trade Organic Peru Penachi

    Sumatra & Java:
    The best known is the Mandheling which is a rich and smooth coffee. Most coffees produced are Arabicas, but they have started producing Robustas which are good, but not nearly in a class with the Arabica. Coffees are full bodied, sweet and mellow.

  • Camano Island Coffee Roasters Sumatra, Dark Roast, Whole Bean
  • Senseo Douwe Egberts Sumatra Blend Coffee Pods
  • Coffee Bean Direct Sumatra Mandheling, Whole Bean Coffee
  • Sumatra French Roast Whole Bean Coffee by Kirkland

    Kilimanjaro is the most widely recognized and is names after the famous mountain on which it is grown. The coffees are slightly acidic with a mellow flavor.

  • First Colony Tanzania Kilimanjaro Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee
  • Rona, Tanazania Kilimanjaro Peaberry Coffee, Whole Beans (Green)

    Vietnamese Coffee
    Vietnamese Coffee. Items include Vietnamese coffee filter set, Trung Nguyen coffee, Trung Nguyen G7 Instant Coffee 3 in 1, Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend, Blendii Vietnamese Ground Coffee, VinaCafe Vietname Instant Coffee Drink, Vinamit Instant 3 in 1 Coffeemix, and Cafe Du Monde.

    Light-bodied, fine flavored and sweet, the best is the Meridas.

  • Boyer's Coffee Venezuelan Maracaibo, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)
  • Cafe Fress, Cafe Molido, Tradicion Venezolana 8 Oz (3pk)

    Yemen produces Mocha coffees which gets its name from the city of Moka. Popular for blending with Turkish and mild coffees. Very full bodied, winey, and distinctive piquant flavor.

    This is a listing of the most popular coffee growing countries. There are other coffee growing countries that grow smaller crops that are not listed here. But these are the countries that produce the most popular and or the greatest quantities of coffee beans for worldwide distribution. However, even some of the smaller producing coffee growing countries have been listed here as they have popular coffee beans that warrant having them listed.

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