Puerto Rico - Puertorican coffee

by Bernardo Diaz
(Arecibo, Puerto Rico)

Here is 2 videos that explain all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d2HCDWDjho&feature=player


Signature coffee of Harvests of the World, Inc. This coffee is from the best region of coffee of Puerto Rico. It is all Grade A coffee 100% Specialty Grade Coffee, Premium Quality Coffee and Peaberry all Arabica beans. Old arabica varieties give us an edge. The continued role of the Old Borbon and the Puerto Rico Arabica varieties in our cultivation along with the introduction of selected new varieties has given us a combination of taste and resilience that fit our climate superbly.

The best single origin espresso in the world - We did not start this rumor, we heard it from our customers. Its 5-tool taste as an espresso and well rounded performance gave way to its name. We have been honored to be sold in the European market as one of very few single origins fit for blended use in an espresso.

The result of this blend has been an enhanced body profile with a clean cup. It is an opportunity for roasters and consumers to enjoy the traditional Caribbean taste with enhanced character.Quality control is at the top of our priority list.

Taste - Best roasted to a Full City, it offers a great body with pure velvetiness and a strong presence of chocolate tones and buttery taste. Its naturally sweet and with character beyond its balance

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