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by Ali Haider
(Cairo )

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Steps to Discovery

For decades, Yemen was the only country producing and exporting coffee, and it is an integral part of its culture. Yemen is the origin of Coffea Arabica, which takes its name from Qahwa Arabiyah (Arabic Coffee). The word “Mocha” is a derivative of the name of Yemen’s Al-Makha port, through which coffee was exported to the world.
Step Farming

Along mountain slopes, steep stone steps were carved centuries ago, providing the basis for a method of farming still used today. At elevations as high as 3,000 meters above sea level, coffee thrives in volcanic soil, rich in mineral nutrients. In a country with scarce water supply, the steps serve as a retaining vessel, ¬providing enough moisture for cultivation. This tradition is carried on today by the approximately 500 farm families living in villages throughout the sprawling Haraz mountain region.
Steps Forward

The Al-Ezzi commitment is to pay a fair price to the farmers and trade directly with the cooperative farms to develop sustainable agriculture and long-term health for the Haraz mountain communities

Assisting farmers with the socio-economic development of Haraz is vital to restoring healthy agriculture and sustainable business practices to the region. Projects include paved roads, water treatment facilities, a hospital, education, and new wells, all providing solutions to enable farmers to become independent and maintain a sustainable future.

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Ali Haider
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Haraaz Coffee YEMEN
Cairo - Egypt

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