Vietnamese Coffee

  • Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee - 15 oz can

  • Trung Nguyen G7 Instant Vietnam Coffee 3 in 1

  • Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend

    Vinacafe Instant Vietnam Coffee Mix 3 in 1

    Blend is prepared with the famous selected Buon Me Thout coffee beans, with the finest creamer and sugar added to complete the Vinacafe 3 in 1 blend of Vietnam coffee. This coffee will provide you with rich natural aroma and a premium taste that will thrill you.

    Mountain High Premium Vietnam Coffee

    Mountain High Premium Vietnam Coffee in a 2 pound container. This coffee has a smooth, rich and consistent flavor. It has an aroma and flavor you will love. This coffee is a slightly lighter coffee than a French roast that is smooth and not acidic. Easy to take with you as it is packaged in a small compact pouch. Each container will make 45 servings of 6 fluid ounces each. This is a product of Vietnam.

    Cafe Du Monde

    Cafe Du Monde

    Cafe du monde, coffee and chicory. Chicory gives this beverage its robust, and mellowed down flavor. The roasted chicory also gives the coffee a rich chocolaty flavor which is similar to a mocha cappuccino. Once you try this coffee, you will continue drinking it. If you don't like coffee, give this a try, you will be greatly surprised at the flavor.

    Vietnamese coffee filter set

    Vietnamese coffee filter set

    Everything needed to make yourself authentic Vietnamese coffee. Parts are made of stainless steel of excellent quality and are made to last many years.

    Known for its unique culinary traditions, Vietnam coffee infuses a combination of local Southeast Asian flavors with blends which emerged from French influences. When the French first integrated their local culture into Vietnam in the 19th century, agricultural interests began harvesting and brewing a wide variety of fresh and iced coffees. By combining the influences of local culinary traditions with ideas from the European continent, Vietnam now produces a unique dark roast coffee which is often served chilled or iced.

    The most popular local variant is known as Café sua da, or ice coffee served with milk, iced coffee in Vietnam has a variety of regional recipes. In the southern parts of the country, traditional coffee is served mild while northern variants tend to be a darker roast, often made with condensed milk and served chilled. As Vietnamese cuisine has spread globally, a growing number of Western variants have become popular in global restaurants, including the numerous Vietnamese cafes doting major metropolitan cities such as New York, London and Paris.

    Traditional dark French roast coffee beans are used as the base for the majority of Vietnamese coffee variants, which is brewed with a special café phin filter to produce a strong, delightful blend. Most restaurants then serve the coffee iced and topped with whipped cream, making it ideal for desert and after dinner dishes.

    While local recipe specification can vary, most Vietnamese Iced Coffee is made with fine ground dark roast coffee with chicory, sweet condensed milk and filtered water in a Vietnamese press. Its rich flavor and texture profile is a result of the even blend of sweet, condensed milk and dark roast coffee – the desert coffee is favored as a sweet alternative to ice cream as a delicious after meal treats in many popular Asian fusion restaurants today.

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