Yemen Coffee Info

by Ali Haider
(Cairo, Egypt)


Yemen produces Mocha coffees which gets its name from the city of Moka. Popular for blending with Turkish and mild coffees. Very full bodied, winey, and distinctive piquant flavor.

This is a listing of the most popular coffee growing countries. There are other coffee growing countries that grow smaller crops that are not listed here. But these are the countries that produce the most popular and or the greatest quantities of coffee beans for worldwide distribution. However, even some of the smaller producing coffee growing countries have been listed here as they have popular coffee beans that warrant having them listed.

About Haraaz coffee Yemen.

Haraaz Coffee is the brand for high-end specialty coffee grown in the Haraz Mountains of Yemen.

Our commitment is to pay a fair price to the farmers and trade directly with the cooperative farms to develop sustainable agriculture and long-term health for the Haraz mountain communities.

Social Responsibility

Assisting farmers with the socio-economic development of Haraz is vital to restoring healthy agriculture and sustainable business practices to the region. Projects include paved roads, water treatment facilities, a hospital, education, and new wells, all providing solutions to enable farmers to become independent and maintain a sustainable future.

Quality and Transparency To ensure authenticity, each farmer carries an ID card, depicting his name, photo and farm location. Transparency and tracking of coffee begins on the farm and ends in the package. Working hand in hand with farmers, we document coffee through every step, ensuring traceability and authenticity. Quality is the benchmark for Haraaz coffee and our commitment to its consistency is a requirement. Cultivated by these proud farmers, we are privileged to introduce this pure reserve to the world.

First known reference to Coffee The first documented reference to coffee in any language was in the 9th century by the Arabian physician Rhazes, followed by a description on coffee’s medicinal value from the physician Avicenna in his Cannon of Medicine.

Over many centuries, the history of coffee and Yemen have been intertwined.

Ancestor seedlings of Haraaz coffee were the first cultivated coffee in the world, grown on high stone-sloped terraces at elevations between 1,500 and 3,000 meters above sea level.

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