Coffee Crumb Cake Recipe

Rounding Off your Meals with a Coffee Crumb Cake.

For most people, the best part of the meal is definitely the dessert. There’s nothing like rounding off a delicious meal with an even more delicious dessert, and for that really sweet, indulgent bite, few desserts can beat a crumb cake.

Sure, it tastes good when the cake part is moist, light and fluffy, but what really sets the coffee crumb cake apart are, of course, the coffee crumbs. Crumb Cakes originated from Poland, but are very popular around the world nowadays.

They were traditionally made only with sugar, fat and flour, but over time, people have exercised their creative muscles in the kitchen and invented many variants of the crumb cake, one of the most popular being coffee. Really, who can say no to the deep, intense, smoky flavor of coffee married with the sweetness of sugar, richness of butter, and the overall delicious bite of the cake itself?

To make a really good crumb cake, it is recommended that you make the crumbs by hand. Great chefs and bakers around the world over will tell you that nothing tastes better than food made by hand, especially if there’s a lot of love in the preparation. The basic crumb preparation is made from mixing together sugar, salt, butter and flour. You can add spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg just to add a little bit of kick to the mix.

To make the coffee crumbs, try adding your favorite coffee powder to the mix; since there’s a lot of sugar to the mix, a darker, bitter coffee roast might be a good contrast to the sweet and spicy ingredients in the crumb. Rub together all the ingredients until they are well-blended, and form into little clumps in your hands.

Add the crumbs on the cake batter before the baking melts the sugar in the crumb mixture, which gives your crumb cake a crunchy yet succulent topping. Cool completely before serving so that the sugar has a chance to harden, making a sort of shell on top of your cake. What a great combination of taste and texture! Coffee crumb cakes are also great for a light snack, and you can go ahead and pair this great dessert with your favorite type of coffee; so that both your cake and your beverage echo the great taste of coffee.

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