Grandma's Coffee Cake
You'll Love It!

Experience the taste of a Grandma's Coffee Cake, baked with all the love and old-fashioned goodness you would expect from your own grandmother. Only now, you can get it anytime, instead of waiting until your next visit. Why delay the taste you crave? Try this fantastic dessert today.

We all have fond memories of visiting our grandmothers and being greeted with a hug and the scent of a freshly baked cake. These are the kind of thoughts we hold on to, remembering how that hug comforted us and how good that cake always tasted.

Now, you can relieve that comfort with a Grandma's Coffee Cake. This well-known and well-loved chain, offers top quality products and an always wide selection of cakes and treats for you to savor. No matter what your preference, this brand is sure to have a cake that makes your mouth water.

With stores available across the country, and an always stocked online site, the Grandma's Coffee Cake chain provides you with every possible way to sample their delicious cakes. And, with such a perfect selection to be found at every venue, you will never walk away disappointed.

Savor the popular cinnamon walnut cake (which actually started the chain), flooded with rich taste and luxurious flavor, or perhaps you would rather enjoy a cape cod cranberry cake, complete with chunks of sweetened fruit and a dash of maple syrup. Or maybe one of the delicious chocolate cakes, filled with your favorite extras, would suit your mood?

You can find everything you need with a Grandma's Coffee Cake: fantastic taste and reasonable prices.

We say reasonable because the cakes average a price tag of twenty dollars. Don't shrink away from your seat; this is not that expensive. After all, you are paying for quality, service and the finest ingredients.

This cake is not made with anything other than perfect ingredients and flavors. Each cake is freshly baked and made to order. And each cake also features the same loving touch your own grandmother would have. Twenty dollars is nothing when these all come together to create something spectacular.

Yes, spectacular. A Grandma's Coffee Cake is truly something to experience, not just shove into your mouth. These cakes are made to be enjoyed.

If you crave something better than your usual dessert (or if you are just plain tired of having to settle for mass-marketed treats that remind you of that time you tried cardboard on a dare) then why not give this cake a chance?

What have you got to lose? Other than boring snacks and desserts?

The Grandma's Coffee Cake is sure to be a smash in your home, reminding everyone of the love and dedication that grandmothers all seem to possess. These delicious cakes, all created with only the best of ingredients by only the most happy of bakers, will be the pinnacle of any day.

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OMG! You would think that it would be dry like most coffee cakes but it is not! Sooooo moist & delicious! Great gift to ship out to family across the Country! …

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