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Bisquick Coffee Cake Recipe

Using a Bisquick Coffee Cake Recipe should be as natural as the panic you feel when trying to decide what food to serve at your latest event. Parties always bring up feelings of dread as you scramble to prepare the perfect meal for your friends. After all, who wants their guests to leave mumbling about bad food?

And, of course, no meal is complete without a proper dessert. You can't just offer a dull tray of fruit or the standard store bought cake, which you had to reheat at just the right moment to offer the illusion that you actually cooked it yourself. Why put yourself (and your guests) through that?

Why not offer something that seems so elaborate and yet it did not take much effort at all? Sound promising? We thought it would.

Betty Crocker's Bisquick CookbookWith this handy bisquick coffee cake recipe, you can create a cake that rivals any store concoction, and still have time to work on your other projects. Make your dinner a memorable one with this popular bisquick coffee cake recipe:

Ingredients For The Batter:

Four cups of bisquick baking mix
Three Eggs
A fourth cup of melted butter
A teaspoon of vanilla
An one ounce can of your selected filling (can be anything from cherry to lemon)
A teaspoon of almond extract
A half cup of sugar

Ingredients For The Glaze:

One cup of powdered sugar
Two tablespoons of milk

Wilton Tritanium Bakeware SetTo begin this coffee cake recipe, create your batter in a baking pan. Place all ingredients--except the ones for the glaze and the filling--into the pan and mix together. Make sure to create a smooth mixture.

When that is complete, take your selected filling and spread it over the batter. Place your cake into the over and cook at 350 degrees until it is a light brown. This usually take twenty five minutes.

While the batter is cooking, you can create the glaze. Combine the sugar and milk together into a smooth liquid. If you want a thinner glaze, you can use one tablespoon of milk instead of two.

When your bisquick coffee cake recipe is complete, take the cake from the oven and then pour your glaze on top. It is important to place the glaze on as the cake is cooling, rather than waiting until it is actually cooled.

With this, you can create a delicious coffee cake for your party, without worrying about a complicated recipe or having to hurry to the store to find something worthwhile. This makes it easy.

Your party may be causing you stress but, with a bisquick coffee cake recipe, you can relive some of the tension. Of course, this will not necessarily make your party a success (bisquick cannot be held accountable for lagging conversation, rowdy guests or wine spills) but it will certainly help it end on a high note.

Give yourself one less thing to worry about with this simple bisquick coffee cake recipe. Save your energy for your guests, not your dessert.

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