Easy Coffee Cake Recipe:
They Do Exist

You can still create a delicious treat for your family with an Easy Coffee Cake Recipes, Even if you don't fancy yourself much of a baker. Yes, they really do exist. Not every cake has to be a gourmet masterpiece; instead, discover how something simple can still be very effective.

No matter what the situation, you can create a cake that will delight your family and friends with its great taste--and you won't have to reveal that it took so little to make it. Let them think you slaved all day. It can be our little secret.

Below, we will offer two easy coffee cake recipes for you to enjoy. These are just a sampling of simple ways to bake.

The first is a popular treat that only takes thirty minutes to bake. For it, you will need:

One box of white cake mix
Six tablespoons of melted butter
A half cup of sugar
A half cup of chopped pecans
A teaspoon of cinnamon

Pour the cake mix, after you have prepared it as the box says, into a pan and bake for thirty minutes. When that is done, take your melted butter and apply on the top, creating an icing effect. Mix your sugar, cinnamon and pecan together and apply that over the butter.

That's it. This easy coffee cake recipe can be completed quickly and does not take much effort to make.

The same goes for our second suggestion. For this easy coffee cake recipe, you will need:

Two cups of flour
One teaspoon of vanilla
One cup of sugar
Two eggs
One teaspoon of salt
One cup of milk
Three teaspoons of baking powder
Two tablespoons of melted butter

Those ingredients create the batter, and you simply have to mix them all together.

For a delicious topping that you can whip up quickly, you just need:

One cup of flour
One cup of sugar
One tablespoon of cinnamon
Six tablespoons of melted butter

You mix these ingredients in a separate bowl and then spread it over your already made batter. The cake can be cooked in twenty five minutes at 350 degrees.

Some might look at that easy coffee cake recipe as not so easy, simply because you have to create a separate topping. Don't let this fool you, though. It is an easy step that takes virtually no time to do. You just mix the food together and spread it on top of the batter.

These two easy coffee cake recipes can both be done within thirty minutes and they taste delicious. You do not need to slave away over a stone all day to create a treat your family will love. It can be done in minutes.

And, once you have mastered the easy coffee cake recipe, you can move on to more daring choices: adding fruits, chocolate, nuts, etc. And, trust us, mastering recipes of this nature are not difficult. After one time, you should be able to bake them with confidence.

If you need a fast dessert, look no further than these simple recipes. Enjoy!

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