Sun Tea Recipe

Sun Tea Recipe
Just like the name suggests, sun tea is traditionally made with the help of the sun, and is sometimes referred to as Southern or old fashioned iced tea. Sun tea is a preferred summer coolant because there is no need to fire up the stove to brew a pot, and is a cost effective solution. Water that is left static for several hours can attract bacteria such as alcaligenes viscolactis, which when consumed may result in infections or illnesses. For this sole reason, there are a few precautions to consider when making a batch of sun tea.

To begin, preheat or boil the water for four to five minutes, which should take care of all the underlying bacteria. Herbs are a great way to enhance the flavor in sun tea and if you’re going to use any, ensure they are washed thoroughly and boiled. Caffeine keeps the bacteria away for a few hours, and so it is wise to stay away from decaffeinated sun tea.

Bottles and packed iced tea are usually filled with artificial colors and ingredients, which is not only expensive to satisfy a gathering, but also isn’t made from natural elements.

Things to be Aware of….
  • Do not keep the tea outside for longer than 4 hours, which includes brewing time.
  • Clean jars and utensils thoroughly before and after use.
  • Make the tea in limited amounts, and just enough to be consumed the same day.
  • Always add sugar after brewing since it tends to attract bacteria.
  • Dispose of the teabags as soon as possible, and never attempt to reuse them.
  • Signs that bacteria growth is present in your sun tea include syrupy tea that smells sour, strings or ropey strands.

    How to Make Sun Tea?

      Sun Tea Recipe Ingredients:
    • Sun
    • Black tea (4 teabags)
    • Water (4 cups)
    • Quarter cup mint leaves (fresh)
    • Lemon (optional)

      • Fill the jug with 4 cups of water
      • Add the teabags or use 5 spoons loose tea
      • Stir well and seal the jug
      • Place outdoors for 3-4 hours, and if time is of the essence, then simply boil the water, and add the remaining ingredients.
      • Once the tea achieves a golden brown color, filter and add honey, or sugar, and lemon to taste.

        If you’re skeptical of using the outdoor way of brewing sun tea, then you can make refrigerator steeped tea to achieve the same flavor. Instead of brewing in the sun, simply blend the ingredients and place in the fridge for no more than 8 hours.

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