Smoothie Drinks & Mix Reviews

Big Train Smoothie Drinks
Big Train concentrate, base, and mixes. Flavors include strawberry sensation, mango madness, passion orange guava, wild berry boost, pineapple coconut, peach, banana banana, lemon cooler, and more...

Caffe D'vita Smoothies

  • Caffe D'Vita Mixed Berry Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Strawberry Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Banana Strawberry Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Passion Fruit Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Green Tea Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Peach Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Honeydew Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Orange Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Mango Fruit Cream Smoothie
  • Caffe D'Vita Vanilla Base Fruit Cream Smoothie

    Concord mix. Flavors include chocolate banana, pineapple, orange, tropical mango, banana, strawberry, and more...

    Focus Electrics LLC
    Smoothie Mix Fruit Pack by Focus Electrics LLC. Real fruit puree concentrate. Add ice and smooth it. Each pouch makes three 8 oz. smoothies. This fruit-filled value pack includes strawberry banana, tropical mango, and peach berry.

    Frozen Xplosion
    Frozen X-plosion frappe and smoothie drinks. Lactose and trans fat free mixes come in 48 ounce bags.

    Jet Smoothie Mixes. Includes strawberry bomb, mango mania, mandarin orange, extreme peach, wildberry blast, and green apple.

    Jet Tea
    Jet Tea smoothie mixes. Flavors include wildberry, strawberry bomb, strawberry banana, mango mania, extreme peach, Caribbean colada, Antitox APB, intense green apple, mandarin orange passion fruit, and many more...

    Mix 1
    Mix 1 Smoothie like tasting antioxidant drink. Flavors are blueberry-vanilla, lime, berry, mango, dark berry, and orange twist. This is a Hi-Antioxidant Fiber drink that comes in 11 ounce bottles and tastes like a smoothie.

    Mocafe smoothie mixes, ice blended coffees, fruit smoothies mixes, sofetto tart smoothie, Madagascar vanilla bean smoothie and latte powder, blended fruit cremes...

    Torani mixes. Flavors include Superfruit real fruit mix, strawberry, wildberry, mango, banana, kiwi, pina colada frusia, raspberry frusia, peach frusia, mixed berry frusia and more...

    Doctor's CarbRite Diet Smoothie for carb conscious dieters in creamy chocolate, and smooth vanilla.

    Zola mixes. Flavors include Brazilian superfruits acai, antioxidant berry blend, smooth green blend, tropical blend, acai berry puree, acai light juice, tangy tart blend, and more...

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