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Adina Coffee
Adina Coffee Energy drinks include Mocha Madness and Mayan Mocha.

Bellagio Caffe Hazelnut Mocha Mix, and Bianco Caffe in 1-Ounce Packets.

Big Train
Big Train frappes, lattes, and mochas.

SpookShop brings you Betty Boop Cafe Collectable 2.25 ounce Mini Tins. Comes as a set of 3 in Mocha, Frappe, and Latte Drink Tins.

Stasero mocha, vanilla, latte, and cappuccino frappes.

Emerging from a regional variant in Africa and the Middle East, Café Mocha Coffee Drinks are brewed with Coffee Arabica beans from North Africa. Modern incarnations of the drink combine these unique beans with espresso from the beans combined with steamed milk and chocolate in powder or melted form. Commonly comprised of dark chocolate, the drinks often contain whipped cream and front on top, supplemented with powdered chocolate. Mocha drinks have become increasingly popular among coffee drinkers for their rich, delicate beans and chocolate flavors.

With a unique variety of coffee beans, mocha beans are smaller and contain a stronger flavor than traditional coffee brews. Its diverse profile provides for a variety of drinks which emerge from the high elevation mocha bean cultivation areas located along the Red Sea. Today, modern Mocha drinks are popular with a variety of consumers and feature unique flavors which combine cocoa, milk, coffee along with flavors such as cinnamon and vanilla spices for a special taste. For coffee drinkers who like particularly sweet drinks, sweetener milk, syrups or sugars can be added to the coffee to produce a high quality drink ideal for consumption during the winter months.

The name of the drink itself comes from the growing area for the beans in Mocha, Yemen which became a hub of African coffee growing in the modern era. Variety of fresh, dark and white chocolate sources have made mocha drinks a popular desert drink in a variety of markets. In fact, mocha coffee has influenced a wide variety of chocolate drinks which are commonly served in American and European cafes today. Topped with either chocolate shavings, powder of syrups, there is a growing trend to make mocha drinks with fresh, steamed and melted chocolate.

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