Tim Hortons Coffee Reviews

Tim Hortons Coffee Fine Grind

  • 12 oz bag
  • 13 oz Bags - Pack of 6
  • 12 oz Cans - 2 Pack
  • 12 oz cans - Pack of 2
  • 32 Oz Can - Pack of 1
  • 32 Oz Cans - Pack of 2
  • 32 Oz Cans - Pack of 4
  • 32 Oz Cans - Pack of 6
  • 8 Bricks - Individual Pot Packs
  • Decaf 13oz Cans - Pack of 6

  • Tim Hortons Fine Grind
  • Available in bags, cans, individual pot packs
  • Brews a rich, mellow flavor
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Use in automatic filter coffee makers
  • Made in Canada
  • Decaffeinated variety is full flavored Swiss Water Decaf coffee. Swiss Decaffeination is 100% chemical free and a natural method of making decaf coffee.
  • Customer Reviews

    Canadian coffee that is just as good as any whole bean coffee. Once you start drinking this, you will wonder why you didn't drink it before. You won't stop, it is even better than Starbucks. Would be even more popular except that it is made Canada and not very well known in the USA. It is available at a reasonable price, and brews consistently excellent tasting coffee. They recommend that you brew a full pot at a time, brewing at the right temperature, never bringing it to a boil, and after brewing serve within 20 minutes so that the flavor is still at its peak. Best results are done with 10 level tablespoons for every 48 ounces of fresh cold water. Might vary depending on your tastes and on the type of coffee maker to brew this fine beverage.

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      Tim Hortons Coarse Grind Bag

    • 12 oz Bag
    • 12 oz cans - Pack of 4

    • Tim Hortons Coffee Coarse Grind Bag
    • Available in cans and bags
    • Made in Canada
    • For use in French Presses and Percolator coffee makers
    • Special blend of 100% Arabica beans
    • Customer Reviews

      Use this coarse grind in your percolator or French press for the best results. This is a special blend using 100% Arabica coffee beans which makes a rich and delicious beverage.

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        Tim Hortons English Toffee Hot Cappuccino

      • 16 ounces
      • 16 oz Cans - Pack of 3

      • Tim Hortons English Toffee Hot Cappuccino
      • Makes a hot beverage
      • Rich and Creamy
      • Rich, frothy flavored cappuccino with a sweet toffee twist
      • Made in Canada
      • Warm and Delicious
      • Just add Hot Water

        Easy to make flavored cappuccino. Just add hot water to the English Toffee cappuccino mix and you have a delicious hot beverage that is good for any time of the day.

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          Tim Hortons French Vanilla Hot Cappuccino

        • 16 oz Can
        • 16 oz Cans - Pack of 3

        • Tim Hortons French Vanilla Hot Cappuccino
        • Rich and Creamy, Warm and Delicious
        • Just add Hot Water
        • For any time of the day
        • Rich and frothy flavored cappuccino
        • Smooth, creamy French Vanilla flavor
        • Customer Reviews

          Enjoyable beverage from Tim Hortons coffee that is suitable for your whole family. French Vanilla flavored cappuccino is easy to make. Just add hot water and stir, then enjoy.

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          • Victorian Inn Instant Cappuccino, French Vanilla, 32-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 3)

            Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate

          • 17 oz Can
          • 17.6 oz - Pack of 3

          • Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate
          • Rich and Delicious
          • Made in Canada
          • Rich and creamy, warm and delicious
          • Just add Hot water

            Great tasting hot chocolate from Tim Hortons coffee. Easy to make. Just add hot water and mix, and you have a treat the whole family can enjoy.

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