Starbucks Kenya Coffee

Starbucks Kenya Coffee

Starbucks Kenya Whole Bean Coffee

This Kenya blend has layers of flavor, from black currant or blackberry to sweet, tropical fruit. The medium-bodied Kenya blend coffee is prized for its bright and refreshing quality. Kenya blend has a crisp and clean acidity while at times giving a touch of tart grapefruit flavor. The finest coffees of Kenya provide an archetype of coffee quality, used by coffee buyers from all over the world as a point of comparison.

Kenya has some rather unique methods of marketing their coffees. They have a Coffee marketing organization that has each coffee bean lot cupped and graded. Afterward they put each lot up for auction.

Starbucks has their vendors doing the bidding on coffee lots that they believe Starbucks will want. They then send samples to Starbucks for their approval. They approve lots based on how the brew tastes and not on the specific grade of each lot.

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Starbucks Trivia: Beginning March 3rd, 2009 Starbucks will be offering combo meals of a coffee and a sandwich or a Latte and oatmeal or a cinnamon coffee cake.

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