Starbucks Kona Decaf Coffee

Starbucks Kona Coffee 10% Decaf Kona BlendStarbucks Kona Coffee:

A Warm Aloha in Every Sip. Perhaps it's the rich volcanic soil, or the gentle afternoon showers that fall, like clockwork, over the Hawaiian mountains. Maybe it's the nurturing spirit that the Big Island's legendary coffee growers invest in the care and farming of this rare, highly prized bean. Perhaps it's the bright, balanced Latin American coffees we add to perfectly complement the distinctive Kona taste. Quite likely, it's all of these things – along with an intangible touch of island magic – that give this delicate, light-bodied coffee its sweet, caramelly aroma and delightfully complex flavor.

With one sip of Starbucks 10 Kona, you're transported to Hawaii to bask in the warm glow of the morning sun, wiggle your toes in the sand, and watch dolphins glide through the dazzling surf of Kealakekua Bay.

We invite you to enjoy this distinctive Starbucks offering, a decaffeinated coffee infused with the magic and romance of Hawaii.

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Starbucks coffees are available online. - whole bean, ground, pods, caffeinated, decaf, single-origin, espressos, blends, organic, promotional/holiday/seasonal blends and Black Apron Exclusives™ - easily and conveniently, delivered to your home or office.

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