Guatemala Antigua Coffee Review

Starbucks Guatemala Antigua, Medium, Whole Bean

Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Coffee

The Antigua region of Guatemala produces the best coffee that is grown in the country of Guatemala. Antigua is located among three volcanoes providing great growing altitudes, quantities of rain, and soil for the perfect coffee beans. The soil is great for growing coffee in that it contains volcanic ash. Antigua is located in south central Guatemala and is a lush green region of land.

This particular blend has a subtle cocoa texture, refined acidity, and gentle soft spice flavors making this a delightfully elegant coffee drinking pleasure. This medium roast coffee is complex and has great depth. Perfect for someone to try if you currently enjoy dark roasts and have decided to try a medium roast coffee. Goes well with cream and sweetener.

You can enjoy its depths and complexities if you wait for the brew to cool before drinking. This will allow you to savor the taste a bit longer by letting it linger on your tongue for a short time. The best way to brew this particular blend is with a coffee press machine. Also, this blend goes well with caramel, apples, nuts, and cocoa. You might also enjoy this blend by brewing it as an espresso and adding chocolate to the brew.

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