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I need to know who wrote the article Coffee Enemas": Rejuvenate your Liver and the date it was written and copyrighted by who?

I don't keep records of when a page was written. Some of them were written by myself, and others by my daughter and son. Others were written by writers I hired with the contract stating that the copyright would be my property. This particular article was probably written by a writer I hired in 2004 or 2005. I have no idea of the name of the person. The copyright is mine. I had submitted this article to Ezine Articles and Go Articles sometime in 2005 or 2006. If you Google this article you will find that it is on approx. 60 different websites with my name and copyright information at the bottom of each article. Most of the articles that I had written by hired writers were rewritten to suit my needs better.

Now I have a question for you. Why are you asking about this article? You stated "research paper", so I am assuming you are doing some type of school paper? Would appreciate a response. Thanks
Randy Wilson

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