Aloha Island Coffee Reviews

Aloha Island Coffee Pods contain some of the best, if not the best Kona coffee produced. It is grown on the private coffee plantation of Aloha Island Farm near the village of Kealakekua on the Big Island of Hawaii. The plantation is on the slopes of the volcano Mauna Loa.

The combination of the volcanic soil, rainfall, and hot tropical sunshine makes the growing conditions ideal for Kona coffee growing. The coffee has an exceptionally smooth texture with a naturally low acid. All of the coffee produced is planted, picked and processed completely by hand.

Aloha Island Coffee Pods

Island Breakfast Light Roast
Light roast for a delicate, mild, and smooth brew. These are 12 Kona-Pods individually sealed.

Bronze, Premiere Kona Magnum Opus
Robust brew with a rich, smooth texture. Each BRONZE KONA-POD is individually sealed for freshness. Each box contains 12 KONA-PODS. This BRONZE 100% Pure Kona Coffee is naturally low acid and pesticide free.

Chocolate Paradise flavored Kona Pods
This Chocolate Paradise, Dark Roast produces a deep, rich, dark-chocolate flavored brew. The box contains 12 individually sealed KONA-PODS.

Dark Roast
This is pure 100% Pure Kona Coffee Pods. These are a very popular Dark Roast for those of you who love a robust cup of coffee. The box contains 48 Kona-Pods to be used in your single serve pod coffee brewer. Each pod is individually sealed to retain freshness. This Kona blend is naturally low acid and pesticide free.

Estate Blend Medium Roast
Rich, full-bodied, medium-roast, smooth brewed coffee. 2 individually sealed KONA-PODS.

Gold, Premiere Kona Magnum Opus
Rich, full-bodied, smooth, with a well-rounded flavor profile. Box of 12 KONA-PODS. Our GOLD 100% Pure Kona Coffee is naturally low acid and pesticide free.

Island Hazelnut flavored
Medium Roast produces a rich, hazelnut-flavored, smooth brewed coffee. 12 individually sealed KONA-PODS.

Lava Java Dark Roast, Kona Pods
Dark Roast blend that produces a rich, robust, smooth brew. 48 individually sealed KONA-PODS.

Platinum, Premiere Kona Magnum Opus
Delicate, smooth and mild, and has a slightly sweet essence. Box of 18 KONA-PODS. Our PLATINUM 100% Pure Kona Coffee is naturally low acid and pesticide free.

Polynesian Vanilla flavored, Kona Pods
Medium Roast, very rich, vanilla flavored, and smooth brew. 12 individually sealed KONA-PODS.

Aloha Island Coffee Pods Private Reserve Diamond, Premiere Kona Magnum Opus,
Extra smooth, rich, full-bodied, and with a unique flavor profile. Box of 18 KONA-PODS. Our Private Reserve DIAMOND 100% Pure Kona Coffee is naturally low acid and pesticide free.

Variety Pack of our Kona Hawaiian Blend
Included in this Aloha Island Coffee Pods Variety Pack is Estate Blend, Island Breakfast, Lava Java, Chocolate Paradise, Polynesian Vanilla, and Island Hazelnut. 12 individually sealed KONA-PODS.

Variety Pack of our Premium Line
Includes Gold, Bronze, Platinum, and Private Reserve Diamond blends. Gold blend is rich, full-bodied, smooth, very rich and slightly robust. Platinum blend is delicate, mild, very smooth, with a hint of natural sweetness. Box of 18 KONA-PODS.

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