Lavazza Coffee Pod Reviews

Lavazza Aroma Caffee Espresso Point Coffee Pods

"Aroma Caffe" Espresso Point Lavazza Coffee Pods - 100 Pods

  • 50 Crema & 50 Aroma

    Creamy blend of intense flavor and perfect body, with a sweetness from the Indonesian robust coffee beans. Can be used as an espresso or used as a rich base for your lattes and cappuccinos.

    Lavazza Aroma Club Caffe Coffee Pods

    Aroma Club Caffè

  • 100 Pods

    100% Arabica blend, characteristic acidic taste for a wonderful flavor in the cup.

    Lavazza Aroma Point Capsules

    Aroma Point

  • 20 Pods
  • 50 pods
  • 100 Pods

    Full-bodied, medium roast. Has an intense flavor, excellent body and crema. Blended with Brazilian and Central American Arabica beans along with sweet and full-bodied Indonesian Robusta.

    Lavazza Aroma Point Caffe' Coffee Pods

    Aroma Point Caffe'

  • 100 Pods

    A blend with an intense flavor, excellent body and crema. Aroma Point Pods for the Lavazza Point Espresso Machine.

    Lavazza Crema Aroma Coffee Pods

    Crema Aroma

  • 50 Crema and 50 Aroma Pods
  • 100 Pods

    Has an even and outstanding crema. Sweet and full-bodied with a strong and intense aroma.

    Lavazza Dek Decaf Coffee Pods

    Dek Decaf

    Dek has a full taste and a pleasant and rounded aroma. The slightly dark roasting provides the blend with a good body.

  • 40 Pods

    Lavazza Espresso Decaffeinato Coffee Pods

    Espresso Decaffeinato

    Decaffeinated Pods for the Lavazza Espresso Machine A 100% Arabica blend, this special decaffeinated coffee is a perfect balance between sweet Brazilian blends and Colombian aromatic flavors. Espresso Decaffeinato has a pleasant citrus aroma.

  • 50 Pods

    Lavazza Gran Crema Coffee Pods

    Gran Crema

  • 20 pods
  • 40 Pods
  • 150 Pods

    A blend with a rich and intense flavor, features full-body and balanced characteristic.

    Lavazza Italian

    Italian "Aroma Point Blue"

  • 100 Pods

    For use in Lavazza Espresso Point Machines ONLY.

    Lavazza Coffee Pods are produced by the Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. company located in Italy. They have been around manufacturing coffee products since 1895 when they started working out of a grocery store. Coffee is imported from various countries around the world including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uganda, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Lavazza is considered to be Italy's Favorite Coffee.

    They offer several products including Top Class, Super Crema, Grand'Espresso, and Dek coffees.

    Lavazza distributes their products in over eighty countries worldwide. Word is that Lavazza originated the idea of "blends", using of to five or six different varieties of beans to make a blend of coffee. Sometimes using 100% arabica beans, and other blends using both robusta and arabica beans to make a blend.

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