Baronet Coffee Pod Reviews

Apple Strudel Baronet Coffee Pods - Apples with sweet cinnamon and a hint of buttery, flaky pie crust.

Native Blueberry

Breakfast Blend, Light Roast
Breakfast Blend Mega - Blend of Central & South American beans, with 25% French Roast for full flavor.

Chocolate Babka Mega - Flavor reminiscent of chocolate coffee cake with nuts.

Chocolate Raspberry - Sweet flavor of raspberries in combination with rich chocolate.

Colombian, 50/50 Regular And Decaf Rich, full bodied and excellent flavor.

Creme Brulee - The smooth taste of vanilla custard highlighted with creamy caramel.

Donut Shop Blend - Light roast, bright and lively with a smooth clean finish.

Egg Nog Coffee - Rich with rum and spices.

French Roast - A dark roasted blend of Central and South American coffees. Rich smokey flavor, with a bold finish.

French Roast, Fair Trade Organic - Dark roasted to develop deep smoky flavor with a rich finish.

French Toast - Taste just like french toast with cinnamon topped with buttery maple syrup.

French Vanilla Baronet Coffee Pods
French Vanilla Mega - Smooth and sweet tasting.


Hazelnut Mega - A smooth, nutty coffee with creamy, full-bodied flavor.

Hazelnut Decaf
Hazelnut Mega Decaf - A smooth, nutty decaf coffee with creamy, full-bodied flavor.

Kenya AA Dark Roast - Dark roasted with a clean bright flavor and solid body.

Mocha Java Decaf - Blend of Ethiopian and Indonesian coffees.

Nutty Irishman - The distinctive flavor of Irish Creme blended with Hazelnut.

Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast - Full-bodied, syrupy richness, hearty character and low acidity.

Toasted Almond - Subtle roasted nut aroma with a delicious cream flavor.

Vanilla Fudge Swirl - Combination of smooth, sweet french vanilla and dark, rich chocolate fudge.

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    Baronet Coffee Pods for the Senseo single-serve coffeemakers. Baronet coffee started out during the depression era in 1930 by two brothers. Today they are just as intent on roasting and importing only high quality coffee beans to their customers as they were three generations ago. These high standards are what have brought them success and so many loyal repeat customers. They now offer over 130 varieties of flavored, estate, and blended coffees in decaffeinated as well as regular coffee.

    Recently they started selling Baronet Coffee Pods which are compatible with the Senseo single serve coffeemakers. They started out providing coffee only to restaurants, but have expanded over the years to include retail, office, food service and convenience store customers. Offices are located in Hartford, Conn.

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