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MSS-1B Mini Mill Slim Hario Grinder

  • Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder
  • Easy to clean with disassembled parts
  • Easy to grind/mill your coffee beans
  • Saves space and is great for trips with the slim design
  • Can be stored without the handle making it take up even less space
  • Long lasting durable ceramic mortar has no smell and will not rust
  • The fineness or coarseness of the grind is adjustable by turning the knob
  • Hario Grinder Model Number MSS-1B
  • Instructions do NOT come in English
  • Customer Reviews

    This is the perfect companion for trips along with something like the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Bonus 350 Micro Filters. You can sit and watch TV while you grind with this manual grinder. Now, keep in mind that this is a manual hand grinder and requires a little more effort than an electric model. Saw complaints along the line of taking too much time, but it goes without saying, a manual grinder will take longer and more effort. Since it doesn't run on electricity it has fewer parts to break. It will take about 2 minutes to grind enough coffee for 2 people. This grinder is also small, if you want something for more than 2 cups of coffee, don't buy this grinder.

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      Hario MSCS-2TB Coffee Hand Grinder Skerton

    • Hario MSCS-2TB Coffee Hand Grinder Skerton
    • Japanese instructions, no English translation
    • Grinder is 172 mm wide x 93 mm deep x 214 mm high
    • Easy to adjust the grind setting for different grinds
    • Parts are dishwasher safe making it extremely easy to clean
    • Durable conical ceramic burrs
    • Inexpensive method of grinding coffee beans for your morning coffee
    • Great for better tasting coffee in smaller amounts
    • Unit is great for travelers as it is small, lightweight, portable, and easy to pack in a suitcase
    • Ideal for those of us on a smaller budget such as a college student in a dorm room
    • Hario grinder model number MSCS-2TB
    • Customer Reviews

      Again, the instructions are in Japanese, not English. But you still shouldn't have much of a problem figuring out how to use this. It is a nice little grinder that takes a little effort on your part, but then it is a manual grinder. You get about 50 grams of coffee grounds for 200 cranks on the handle. Not a bad trade-off. Great for use with a chemex or an aeropress coffee maker. works well for drip, French press, and other types of coffee makers too.

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        Hario CMH-4C Coffee Mill 'Canister' C

      • Hario CMH-4C Coffee Mill 'Canister' C
      • Old fashioned coffee mill
      • Coarse to fine coffee grounds with the adjustable grind control
      • Once ground the coffee will be dropped into the glass jar which doubles as a storage facility for your coffee grounds if needed
      • Would suggest you use grounds as soon as you grind for best aroma and flavor
      • Unit is constructed of wood and glass
      • Unit can make up to 120 grams of coffee grounds
      • Unit is made in Japan and has Japanese instructions
      • No English translation instructions
      • Hario grinder model number CMH-4C
      • Grinds can be used for any type of coffee maker such as French press, aeropress, siphon, drip brewer, and more
      • Unit measures 6.75" wide x 3.75" diameter x 8.25" high
      • Customer Reviews

        Hand operated coffee mill is permanently attached to the glass jar making it difficult to empty. The Hario grinder instruction sheet is in Japanese, Not in English. Handy grinder for trips, dorm rooms, or to bring to your office. Great if you are into doing things the old fashioned way. Makes just enough for you to have fresh coffee as you go all through the day. Well worth the 2 or 3 minutes of hand grinding using this coffee mill.

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