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Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Mill, Peugeot Mill in Walnut

  • Peugeot Nostalgie PM13196 Hand Coffee Mill
  • Walnut varnished finish
  • Uses case hardened steel for the grinding mechanism which has been treated to keep the razor sharp teeth sharp and also to protect against corrosion
  • This mill cracks each coffee bean before being ground to release the maximum coffee flavor and aroma of the bean
  • Features a classic grind adjustment: you turn the thumbwheel located below the crank lever clockwise making it tighter for finer coffee grinds, and counter-clockwise or looser for coarser coffee grinds
  • Unit is Manufactured in France
  • Model number PM13196
  • Unit measures 5.1" x 5.1" x 8.2"
  • Mill weighs 2 pounds
  • Customer Reviews

    Peugeot Mill PM13196 Summary:
    This manual hand grinder is excellent with many fine features, and some not so fine. You get a very stable base to keep the grinder in place while you turn the handle. The blades are sharp making grinding easy, and giving you a better grind. It also has a very good feed mechanism, and it runs smoothly and quietly. You get a choice of settings to give you the size grind needed for your particular coffeemaker. You get great grind leverage with the longer grind handle. Lastly, it has classic good looks to make a fine addition to any kitchen. The negatives are few. This Peugeot Mill is slow compared to electric grinders, but then that is to be expected with manual grinders, so it really isn't a negative at all. It is expensive, but then you get what you pay for. Unit has a low capacity and is messy, as are most other grinders. Lastly, you cannot change adjustments quickly. Overall, this is an excellent hand grinder that is highly recommended if you are looking for a very durable, handsome, and functional grinder.

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      Peugeot Bresil PM11765 Coffee Mill

    • Peugeot Bresil PM11765 Coffee Mill
    • Peugeot Mill Available in walnut finish
    • Unit weighs 2 pounds
    • The grinding mechanism is constructed of case hardened steel
    • The steel is treated for maintaining the razor sharp teeth and to protect the mechanism from corrosion
    • Cracks the bean first to release maximum aroma and flavor
    • Features a classic grind adjustment
    • For finer grinds turn the thumbwheel clockwise
    • For coarser grinds turn the thumbwheel counter-clockwise
    • Unit is constructed in France
    • Unit measures 5.1" x 5.1" x 8.8"
    • Peugeot Mill model number PM11765
    • Customer Reviews

      Peugeot Mill PM11765 Summary:
      This is an excellent manual grinding mill. The grinding mechanism is top quality and made to last. You get a uniform grind and the grinding is easy to do. You have a long 4 inch long crank handle that makes the grinding easy. Also, the grinding doesn't take that long, maybe longer than an electric, but still not long. Once you set the grind setting, it remains there until you choose to change it. No cheap parts here, the body and knob are constructed of genuine solid wood. It has an old fashioned look to it that will complement any kitchen decor. Some might think it is over-priced, but it is well worth the money it costs.

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