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CM-475 Digital-Filter 10-Cup Espressione Coffee Maker

Espressione CM-475 Digital-Filter 10-Cup Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel

  • Espressione CM-475 Digital-Filter 10-Cup Coffee Maker
  • 1000 watts of brewing power
  • Capacity of 10 cups of coffee
  • Drip coffee maker
  • Housed in brushed stainless steel
  • AccuFlavor Selector for choosing the strength and type of brewing
  • Back-lit display for easy reading
  • Electronic programmable timer in 24-hour or am/pm format
  • Water tank is removable for easy filling and cleaning
  • Built-in water filter to purify the water for better tasting coffee
  • Includes a 1.5 liter glass carafe
  • Unit measures 13-1/2" by 14" by 16"
  • One year limited warranty
  • Espressione Coffee Maker Model Number CM-475
  • Customer Reviews

    Espressione Coffee Maker Summary
    Aesthetically pleasing coffee maker that brews coffee fast and is easy to operate, and the coffee tastes great. The removable water tank makes filling with water easy unlike most other coffee makers that job is quite a chore. The water filter also adds to the taste of the coffee improving it even more.

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      Espressione CC151-S Complete Coffee System

    • Espressione CC151-S Complete Coffee System
    • Available in silver finish or black/silver finish
    • Group head will drop down providing easy access
    • Steam wand which also doubles as a hot water dispenser
    • Self-priming provides quick start up time
    • Sturdy ABS plastic construction
    • 1100 watts of brewing power
    • Use for making coffee, espresso, and cappuccino
    • Several options, will use ground coffee, soft pods, or ESE coffee pods depending on which portafilter you are using
    • Includes a built in jet milk frother
    • Boiler constructed of stainless steel
    • Provides 15 bars of pump pressure
    • Features dual thermostats
    • Water tank is removable and holds 6 1/3 cups of water
    • Features a cup warmer and a drip tray
    • Espressione Coffee Maker Model Number CC151-S
    • Measures 11-4/5" by 12-2/3" by 16-4/5"
    • One year limited warranty

      Espressione Coffee Maker Summary
      Not only does this coffee maker make coffee, but you can also use pods to make espresso and cappuccino beverages. Plus, the steam wand provides hot water for your hot chocolate, tea, soups, instant coffee, and anything else than needs hot water. The 3 stainless steel filter holders give you the option of using ground coffee, soft pods, and ESE coffee pods in both single and double servings. Make creamy lattes and cappuccinos using the snap on chromed Jet Milk Frother. You get mess free performance with its non drip system for easy clean up once you are finished making your beverages. Other great features include a removable drip tray and removable water reservoir, a cup warmer, and dual thermostats for brewing and stem.

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